The coach of Valencia Basket, Joan Peñarroya, has assured that they have been “crossed” in the first game of the Endesa League Playoffs against Bitci Baskonia, against whom they have lost (79-80) in one night at La Fonteta in which they have been “in tow” and have not been able to take advantage of the final move to win.

“The first game of the series didn’t go the way we wanted. Anyone could have won and we got a cross. During the first 25 minutes we lacked a bit of solidity, defensive aggressiveness, knowing how to play with free kicks, controlling the losses, and that has made us go in tow”, he declared at a press conference.

However, the Catalan coach stressed that at no time have they “lost face the game”. “We put four up, we lose a ball that is later a three-pointer by Baldwin that changes the game. First point for Baskonia, but until two are won, this is not over,” he said.

“We were very clear about how Baskonia was going to play, they are in a great moment, they have good players and they played a great game. There are situations in which they have hurt us”, he pointed out, before talking about the final move, in which Dimitrijevic missed his shot to win. “It’s the same one we did in Andorra, with the player who was hottest to play a triple as Neno. That was the move, nothing to say,” he said.

Peñarroya also thanked the atmosphere created by the ‘taronja’ fans. “La Fonteta has helped us hold Baskonia’s advantage and has been very important to get us into the game,” he said. “We have to win two. Saturday is a key game, because, obviously, if we don’t win it we’re out. The team knows the way to win. I think we’ll be here on Monday,” he concluded.