Pellegrini: “We have to show what we are trained for”

Manuel Pellegrini expect the Real Betis, after the triumph of the opening day, can repeat victory this Sunday against the Valladolid and “show what we are trained for this season.” The Chilean coach has confirmed the loss of Guarded before the pucelanos, the discharge of Víctor Ruiz and the doubt of Sanabria, who this Friday has returned to work with the group after several days of absence due to some discomfort in the soleus.

The victory of the first day is already forgotten and it will not be worth much if it is not won in the second: “We are very clear that it was a very important victory, winning it at the last minute gives double the motivation. Now we play at home and we have to show what we are trained for this season. We celebrated the first victory, but twenty-four hours later we started thinking and focused on Sunday's game with Valladolid. It will be complicated, but we hope to play a good game and achieve the three points ”, he said. Pellegrini this Friday at a press conference.

The Chilean described the Pucelano team: “We know that it is a well-armed and well-worked team, which costs a lot to score goals. The past results (the Pucelanos won in their last two visits to Villamarín) are only statistics and what we have to focus on is beating Valladolid this season at our stadium. Hopefully it turns out that way. The team is focused on that ”.

Pellegrini He regretted that there were no fans in the match of his debut as Betico coach: “My first match here will be without fans, I would have liked it to be with a full stadium, as there are always 50,000 people here. But we talk to the players before the game against Alavés and we always keep them in mind. We know how strong and intense our fans are and each victory will be dedicated to them ”, he assured.

The Chilean still does not consider the squad closed, because in his opinion “a couple of reinforcements would be missing”, although he understands that “there is an economic reality in the club, which is not easy. There are still three weeks left and what has been done has been to enhance what we already had. We all want to improve, but knowing the economic reality of the club. The squad can be modified and players can leave and they can also come. It's not going to be easy to keep the important players, but the team is trained to do important things.

Pellegrini He has assumed that after the game against Valencia on October 4, many internationals will have to play with their national teams, and several of the Betis – Claudio Bravo, Lainez, Emerson … – travel to South America despite the restrictions and dangers of the pandemic . “I know that they are going to be played in South America and that the clubs are obliged to give in to the players, so we will see how this situation is solved. It is the federations and leagues that are obliged to comply with the regulations. If the authorities allow travel, concentration and games, the technicians cannot do anything. The players will have to go to their national team to play the South Americans, as has been done here in Europe ”.