Pellegrini designs his 3.0 plan

Manuel Pellegrini He went on vacation without leaving at all. His intention is clear: to have controlled to the maximum extent possible the Betis planning ahead of the 2022-2023 campaign. For this reason, it closed the campaign making a special emphasis in the need to have solved your plan 3.0 in the return to work of its footballers. You do not want last minute forecasts or necessary movements with the campaign started. The Engineer wants certainties In time. The club is aware of its weight and each of the movements will be supported by needs that he Chilean he believes he has to take an imminent growth leap. All this under the economic conditioning that he himself knows and that forces one or more sales of top players from his current squad to arrive.

Neither the technician nor the entity want great revolutions. Once the economic need is closed with some way outthe planning will move according to the possibilities that are on the table, since there are already concrete movements closed by the sports management as the arrival of the central Luiz Felipe and the one on the end Luiz Henrique. Two weighty operations designed to deliver more tricks to Pellegrini to find the consolidation of his team in the heights of the League. Pellegrini’s concern focuses more on what pieces will you lose of his present block. what about Guido? Will follow William Carvalho? Are there guarantees of continuity for Fekir After his renovation? Betis does not have non-transferable in the midst of the fight to recover economically and its coach knows it.

Shield/Flag Betis

Pellegrini indicated that the conversations with the sports management will be constant these days. He does not want the plans to be delayed with respect to the hypothetical back to work july 5 and will affect the need for its block to improve its performance without giving up too many. “We will see to what level we can be ambitious,” he warned about the club limitations at the time of power upgrade your current team looking forward to next year. In spite of everything, Pellegrini focuses the spotlights of each decision in Heliopolis. He earned that right after the two brilliant campaigns that he signed upon his arrival and many of the keys to the future are in his hand