Pedrosa is waiting for Espanyol

Radical has been the change experienced by the leadership of Espanyol, with the same president for the last six years but with different CEO, sports director and coach a month and a half ago. A 180-degree turn that could affect the outcome of one of the open cases that the club has been dealing with since the end of last year, and that did not show too many good manners: the future of Adrià Pedrosa.

Spanish Shield / Flag

It fits the left side one more year of contractuntil June 2023, but logic indicates that it will be this summer when his destiny is completely defined. Renewal or sale. Las distances between the player and Espanyol they seemed insurmountable with the previous sports management, but the recent appointment of Sunday Catoira It was a breath of fresh air: Once Pedrosa’s environment is pressed, AS is signed up who hope to know what the position is of the new person in charge of the technical area, perhaps also of whoever is appointed coach, in case there is the possibility of resuming practically broken negotiations.

In the event that the talks do not prosper, and in consultation with this newspaper, those same sources They flatly deny the rumors that place the parakeet youth squad in Barcelona’s orbiteven ensure that there has been no a single contact to date with the Barça entity. In certain forums not only has there been speculation with negotiations, but also a sale price has been set for Barça, eight millionwhich is not true though would not be far from Pedrosa’s market price if Espanyol decides to listen to offers.


Photo by Adrià Pedrosa

Depending on the position that Catoira adopts in this case, a second summer may be looming in which the left-back’s name appears in numerous pools. A year ago, the then CEO, José María Durán, openly placed him in the shop windowin a gesture that made the player uncomfortable, committed to the club where he was trained, and that most likely devalued him before theoretical candidates. Offers had, especially from abroadbut none came to fruition, paradoxically due to the iron stance of the same Espanyol that had put him on the market.