Pedroche responds: Is Ana Obregón going to score an exposing her daughter on networks and magazine covers?

There is less and less left for Cristina Pedroche y Dabiz Muñoz welcome your first daughter into the world. If everything continues as well as up to now, the little girl will be born in July, as the presenter of La Sexta herself has explained.

“I’m 29 weeks, which is like 7 months. She’ll be born in July and I’m already tired. This girl is going to be a warrior, you can tell. The point has come where I notice her all the time, I have the oven 24 hours working and when I eat something sweet it becomes crazy”, she said at the photocall of an event she attended this Thursday showing off her belly with a top with silver studs in the shape of a butterfly.

Motherhood, she acknowledges, has made her much closer to her husband: “Being a mother is quite a challenge, but I face this challenge hand in hand with the best. I imagined pregnancy in a different way, as more focused on me, that everything was fine, but it is surprising me that we are more united, we love each other more, we are touching each other all the time”.

The name of the girl will not be revealed until after the birth “because it is not going to be that she is born and has another face and wants to change her name.” In this sense, he has also spoken about how she intends to manage the public exposure of her daughter once she is born. “I’m not going to upload any photos of the girl. I’ll share maybe a little foot or something,” he replied in And now Sonsoles.