Pedro Sánchez insists on his love for Begoña Gómez as an alibi for his unusual twist in the script

Pedro Sanchez announced this Monday, April 29, the day of San Pedro Mártir, that he continues to lead the Government after his five-day reflection period to assess whether or not he continued in office. “I assume the decision to continue, with more strength if possible (…) This is not about the destiny of a particular leader. It is about deciding what type of society we want to be. Our country needs this reflection (…) We have been too time letting the mud contaminate our public life,” he noted.

It must be remembered that the break in his agenda came after the previous proceedings opened against Begoña Gomez in a Madrid court after a complaint filed by Manos Liminas, which ended up admitting the possibility that its complaint was based on fake news.

The appearance of the President of the Government has been brought forward one hour and started at 11, two hours after communicating his decision to King Felipe VI in Zarzuela. From the doors of Moncloa, the socialist has once again defended the innocence of his wife: “My wife and I know that this smear campaign will not stop. We have been suffering from it for 10 years. It is serious, but it is not the most relevant thing. We can handle it”.

The leader of the Executive has also thanked “the signs of solidarity and empathy”: “The important thing, the truly transcendent thing, is that we want to heartily thank the signs of solidarity and empathy that we have received, from all walks of life. Logically, they suit me to allow special thanks to my beloved Socialist Party,” he said, placing special emphasis on the socialist demonstration with more than 12,000 people that took place this Saturday in Ferraz, at the doors of the party’s headquarters.

After this message, Sánchez also made a request: “Today I ask Spanish society to once again be an example, an inspiration for a troubled and wounded world, because the evils that afflict us are by no means exclusive to Spain. They are part of a global reactionary movement that aspires to impose its regressive agenda through defamation and falsehood, hatred and appeal to fears and threats that do not correspond to science or rationality.

Begoña and Pedro

Begoña Gómez and Pedro Sánchez met in the early 2000s during a university party. Finally, Pedro went to the small apartment in La Latina where Begoña lived and they had her first daughter, Ainhoa. She was the exceptional witness at her parents’ wedding in 2006. They said “I do” in a civil ceremony at the town hall, officiated by Trinidad Jiménez. It was an intimate celebration, but later they celebrated with more family and friends at the Zarzuela Hippodrome. A year later they expanded the family with the arrival of her second daughter, Charlotte.

“A man deeply in love”

Following the accusations against his wife, Sánchez canceled his schedule last Wednesday, April 24, to reflect on his continuity in office. The socialist president, in his letter to the citizens, wrote: “The severity of the attacks that my wife and I are receiving, and the need to give a calm response, make me think that this is the best way to express my opinion.” .

The leader of the Executive defended the innocence of his wife: “Many times we forget that behind politicians there are people. And I, I am not ashamed to say it, I am a man deeply in love with my wife who lives helplessly in the mud that falls on her. they spread day in and day out.” And he stated, after “the falsehoods” that “right-wing and far-right” media have said about his wife: “At this point I wonder, is all this really worth it? I don’t know.”