Pedro Sánchez forces the departure of José Luis Ábalos as a talk show host for the TVE program ‘Mañaneros’

RTVE will not contribute to the media tour undertaken by José Luis Ábalos after the ‘Operation Delorme’ or ‘Koldo case’ broke out, which investigates the collection of bribes from his former right-hand man in relation to the purchase of masks by administrations governed by the PSOE. The ‘agents’ of the President of the Government in the Public Corporation have forced the former minister’s departure as a talk show host within the daily political debate section included in the magazine Mornings that shows Jaime Cantizano on TVE’s La 1.

Ábalos, in a recent interview with, stated that one of the places where he worked had told him that he could not “return.” Socialist sources explain Informalia that the former Minister of Transport was referring to his presence in Morningswhere he participated regularly since the program premiered last September.

Some voices from the public Corporation allege that Ábalos was a member of the PSOE, which is why the departure of the former minister from the Socialist Group in Congress “makes it meaningless for him to continue defending the party”, while others point out that Mornings does not work based on partisan quotas, since it has as members José Manuel García-Maragallo, Guillermo Fernández Vara o Celia Villalobosbut also with Carolina Bescansa (ex from Podemos) Begoña Villacís (member of an extra-parliamentary party such as Ciudadanos).

It should be remembered that TVE’s La 1 did not broadcast Ábalos’s announcement to move to the Mixed Group, his intervention being relegated to Canal 24 Horas. This thematic news channel also mislabeled it by pointing out that the Valencian appeared to report on his resignation as a deputy.

Ábalos’ last intervention in ‘Mañaneros’

Ábalos’s last intervention in Mornings It occurred last Monday, February 19, the day before the arrest of his former right-hand man Koldo García Izaguirre. The Valencian, in that program, analyzed the poor result of the PSOE in the Galician elections held the previous day.

Two days later, Ábalos, less relaxed, appeared in Everything is a lie of Cuatro to explain his relationship with the case: “I found out from the press. There are always those who warn you but that happens to everyone, they tell you to be careful with your collaborators. Yes, they warned me about him (Koldo), but nothing transcendent. I usually trust all the people I have until there is an obvious sign.” Koldo, he noted, acted “as a personal assistant, who does not manage anything, an advisor. They warned me about him and about others. About questions about whether he was calling on your behalf, if he was trustworthy. I had five advisors, a chief of staff and a lot of high-ranking officials. He was the person who accompanied me on trips, the one who provided me with a more personal service like an assistant… My right hand would in any case be the Secretary of State, who is the one who took my topics”.

He worked with Koldo, Ábalos explained, “for three years in the Ministry and seven months in the party. He always showed me loyalty and affection. Now I have no contact with him, I don’t even know where to contact him. Two weeks ago I spoke with him, he didn’t contact me. “It fits this because of their lifestyle.”

Ábalos has also collaborated to date in Everything is a lie, who has lost the former minister as a member in this case by his decision. Despite this, the program presented Risto Mejide continues to influence the life of the Valencian, since it was this magazine that highlighted that the PSOE made a mistake by leaking his ID and address to the press of the former minister in the public ultimatum of the party that leads the Government to its former number 2. The secretary of Communication from the PSOE, Ion Antolinsent a threatening WhatsApp to the program: “Was it necessary to include the personal data? As you will understand, you are not going to have anyone from the PSOE as long as it depends on me.” Everything is a lie He put the message on the air and Mejide left him with his feet up to his ankles: “This is typical of a banana Republic and a dictatorship. This message is inappropriate for a communications director of a political party. We make it public because it seems to us despicable that the media is treated like this”.

Now Ábalos, in full conflict with Ferraz, has asked the PSOE to open a file against his successor in the party’s Organization Secretariat, Santos Cerdan. “The Federal Organization Secretariat is responsible and in charge of the custody, administration and management of all personal management data files,” she says. “Anyone who may fail to comply with the regulations for the protection of personal data for which the party is responsible will be subject to the internal rules of disciplinary responsibility, without prejudice to any civil, criminal or administrative responsibilities incurred as a result thereof.” “says Ábalos’ appeal. “Such action may mean that the aforementioned Mr. Cerdán has committed a very serious offense,” he adds, which is why he requests that “a file be opened to investigate the facts in which the eventual responsibility of the secretary of organization, Mr. Santos Cerdán León”.