Pedro Sánchez declares the 'state of alarm' in Spain

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, appeared this afternoon to declare 'the state of alarm' in Spain, a measure included in article 116 of the Constitution and developed in Organic Law 4/1981 on the State of Alarm, Exception and Site, provided in the event that extraordinary circumstances make it impossible to maintain normality through the ordinary powers of the Competent authorities.

With this measure, the Government intends to radically stop the expansion of the coronavirus in our country: 120 deaths, more than 4,200 infections.

“Tomorrow we will hold an extraordinary Council of Ministers to decree the alarm status across the country for the next 15 days. The health emergency creates extraordinary circumstances, and this is an extraordinary legal remedy. We will mobilize all the state, economic, health, civil and military resources for the protection of all citizens. To respond to the social emergency efficiently. We want the maximum coordination of resources of the administrations. The Government of Spain is going to protect all citizens “, said the Prime Minister at the beginning of his appearance.

“We are alone in the first phase of the fight against the virus. Very tough weeks await us. It cannot be ruled out that next week we will reach the 10,000 affected “, Sánchez has warned. “We all have a task and a mission in the coming weeks. I want to send a message to our elders and people with chronic diseases: they must protect themselves as much as possible against infection, to avoid contact and exposure in public spaces at all costs. And young people also have a decisive role: their collaboration is essential to cut infections, so they must limit contacts and their social activity, “insisted Sánchez, who has again sent a message of support and gratitude to health professionals.

“We all have to follow the recommendations of the experts and collaborate. From the Government of Spain we will do what is necessary, how it is necessary and when it is necessary. Victory depends on each one of us. Heroism is also about washing your hands, staying at home. It will take weeks, it will be hard, but we will beat the virus with unity and responsibility. CWe will continue to beat the virus sooner if we do it together, “said the Prime Minister.