Pedri and Rubén Castro liquidate Lugo

The UD Las Palmas beat Lugo thanks to a goal from Rubén Castro well into the second half after a prodigious action by Pedri, in a match conditioned on the brink of rest by the expulsion of the visitor Campabadal, and in which his teammate Cristian Herrera failed a penalty when the scoreboard had not yet been released.

The Galician team thus fits their second consecutive defeat that makes them fall to the relegation positions of LaLiga SmartBank, while the yellows link a second victory, again with the signature of their veteran center forward (Rubén Castro), to dream of the high side.

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The first half was tedious and was marked by the high number of fouls, almost twenty, which prevented continuity in the game.

Before the quarter of an hour, the two local centrals already had a yellow card, while the Galicians accumulated their cards on their sides, and the one on the right flank, Campabadal, went to the shower prematurely after committing an imprudence, a kick Narvaez was untimely when he had been booked only seven minutes earlier.

Until that moment, both teams had canceled, since neither in elaborate play nor in set pieces were they able to demand the rival. A cross but deflected header from Narvaez, to Benito's center from the left, was the only island attempt with some danger.

Pepe Mel, the local coach, must have remembered the saying “when your neighbor's beard sees you peel, put yours to soak”, and he was quick to reflect on changing Mantovani and Aythami Artiles at halftime to avoid an expulsion that would equal the forces .

Las Palmas went up a gear in the speed of the ball in the second half to try to assert its numerical superiority.

However, it was Lugo who had the great opportunity to get ahead with a penalty for Fabio's demolition of Gerard Valentín, who had just entered the field, but the Gran Canaria player Cristian Herrera shot low and Josep Martínez rejected his shot in the 57th minute.

The game was since then a monologue for the island team against an opponent who went on to play with a five-man defense and who no longer had access to the opposite field, taking the point as good.

In the 63rd minute Rubén Castro narrowly headed a center from Benito Ramírez from the left as a first warning, until ten later a brilliant individual action by Pedri appeared in the baseline, with a cut-off stinging the ball with hardly any space, to serve the goal to Rubén Castro in the small area.

The Lugo, reduced by the numerical inferiority and the wear and tear made, had no option to match the match.

Data sheet:

UD Las Palmas: Josep Martínez; Eric Curbelo, Mantovani (Mauricio Lemos, min. 46), Aythami Artiles (Srnic, min. 46), Benito Ramírez; Aridai (Cristian López, min. 62), Ruiz de Galarreta (Fede Varela, min. 68), Fabio, Pedri; Narváez (De la Bella, min. 78) and Rubén Castro.

CD Lugo: Ander Cantero; Campabadal, Marcelo Djaló, Josete Malagón, Canella (Jaume Grau, min. 66); Hugo Rama (Carrillo, min. 80), Fernando Seoane, Jaime Seoane (Kravets, min. 66); Iriome (Gerard Valentín, min. 53), Manu Barreiro (Pita, min. 53) and Cristian Herrera.

Goal: 1-0, min. 74: Rubén Castro.

Referee: Aitor Gorostegui-Fernández Ortega (Basque Committee). The visiting player Campabadal was sent a double yellow card (35 and 42 minutes). In addition, he admonished his teammates Canella (28) and Jaime Seoane (62), and locals Mantovani (12), Aythami Artiles (14) and Fabio (85).

Incidents: Match of the thirty-fourth day of the LaLiga SmartBank played without an audience at the Gran Canaria Stadium.