Pedri and Benzema's shirt

He has entered so anonymously and on tiptoe to that ego locker room that is Barça that surely before many noticed his prudent presence, Pedri's thunder sounded on the pitch. The latest that is known about him is that he took advantage of the first 27 minutes of his career in the Champions League to score his first official goal with the Barça shirt against Ferencvaros and, above all, do what he does best: play easy football. Pedro González López (11-25-2002, Tegueste) is, together with Ansu, the sensation of this early season Barça. Culé from cradle (his father is the current president of the Peña Barcelonista Tenerife-Tegueste, of which his grandfather was the founder in 1994), is about to fulfill his dream as a child: to play a Classical. “We are going to go out and eat the field,” he said in a recent interview with Mundo Deportivo. In it, he showed the same naturalness as in the field. “My pulse wouldn't shake if I play because it would be one more game. I imagine as if I was playing with my father and my brother. That is the best thing that can happen to leave the nerves out and play as I know.

But, in addition to winning the El Clásico, Pedri has another 'secret' wish for this Saturday's game. Get the jersey of Karim Benzema, one of his favorite players. Surely, in tune with the football that Pedri likes. Of course, let's not get confused. “We are the best team in the world,” he says every time a microphone is placed in front of him. Pedri may not be a starter in the Clásico, but it is easy to think that he will make his debut because he has played all the official Barça games. Koeman's got it through the eye. It shows every time there was. Pedri plays embracing the Cruyff slogan: “Playing football is easy; playing football easy is the most difficult.” “Pedri has never stopped being Pedri,” insists Tonono Rodríguez, Las Palmas training and recruitment director, who to test his character lowered him from Youth A to B to see how he would respond. His behavior was the same as always. Humble. Tonono had signed him after a tip from Jonatan Vega, recruitment coordinator for Las Palmas in Tenerife. Pepe Mel has been key in his career. He didn't look at his identity card, but at his football. The final touch to dress him as a Barça player was put by Ramon Planes. The technical secretary, in a masterful move, anticipated half of Europe and signed it for five million euros on the last market day of last year. Today, Barça thanks him.