Pedri, a child knocks on the door

Ronald Koeman had left very clear from the preseason that he trusted Pedri. It was not a whim. As soon as he arrived at Barça, the Dutch coach placed the young Canarian on the list of transferable and he thought of an assignment. until saw him in action. At that time he happened to have first team number and not to appear. Pedri went from being a helper to being an actor with a phrase first and a leading role next. He has played all five league games and those of the Champions League so far. And he is 17 years old. There is a boy who knocks on the door and is about to throw it down.

The Pedri's performance in Turin, where Barcelona beat the Juventus at home for the first time in its history it was spectacular. And more taking into account two factors: that he is a boy who is not yet of legal age (he will turn 18 on November 25) and that He had just played a mediocre game against Real Madrid.

In the Classic Koeman he ranked him in a tricky position for him because he played as a midfielder on the right with the mission of chase Vinicius and plug the climbs of Mendy. He was barely in contact with the ball and that gray game could affect his performance and morale. But Koeman reinforced four days later his bet on him and made him start at Juventus Stadium nothing more and nothing less against Juve to measure up to Cuadrado, whom he portrayed on several occasions. Pedri has played since he came to the club in every position in the midfield. Koeman has a diamond that he is going to trust a lot more.

Pedri can play in various positions. You can play in the right and left. He has done a great job with Alba on the ascents of Cuadrado. Is awesome show this personality ” Koeman commented after the match against the Italians.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

A review of Pedri's numbers in the duel confirm the sensations left by the canary. He was the third player who intervened the most in the game for the Blaugrana with 64 interventions in which six recoveries of the ball stand out. He was the Blaugrana player who stole the most balls from Juventus and the one that most focused on the area. His partnership with Alba was enormously productive and promises great things for Barcelona.

Came being almost a stranger for the great Blaugrana public and immediately surprised by his knowing how to be his tactical reading of the matches and in Turin confirmed that there is a boy knocking on the door with a force to throw it to the ground. But on the other side there is a technician, Koeman, who opens it wide.