Paz Padilla reveals the price of her breast surgery: “They are false”

New project on the small screen for Paz Padilla. The former presenter of Save me has returned to the Mediaset screens with the help of her daughter: the influencer Anna Ferrer. In the new Cuatro program, You need a trip, mother and daughter pack their bags and travel the world to learn how they face death in other cultures. In this first episode, whose destination was Ghana (Africa), the presenter attends a funeral in the area with her daughter. Furthermore, as if she were behind the scenes, Paz reveals how much her breast surgery cost her.

Before attending the funeral, Anna and Paz went to a seamstress to make them a dress according to the ceremony. While they were taking their measurements, Paz pointed out that her breasts were not natural. “These are false ones, they cost me 9,000 euros. They have good quality, but they are not mine. You will notice that, for my age, I have them on very well,” he assured without half measures before the cameras of Cuatro, which broadcast the first delivery this Wednesday.

Likewise, the woman from Cádiz and her daughter tried typical local food, danced at a party and surfed. They also talked about the death of Antoniothe husband of the actress The one that is comingwho died of cancer in the summer of 2020: “All of us who had wanted were there and I was thinking how we can make them understand that those of us who stay here have to feel happy because Antonio has lived a very happy life.”

The comedian, who brought a book about her husband's illness and death to the theater, also made reference to all those who accused her of “frivolizing” the situation. “Some people think I take life as a joke. I take life very seriously,” she said. For her part, Ferrer reflected on how her mother experienced grief. “Her way of experiencing grief is a different way from what we are used to. It is to handle it in a different way,” said the influencer.