Paulina Rubio’s slip when talking about Rocío Jurado on Antena 3: “I was talking to her on the AVE”

Paulina Rubio has sat down this Monday, May 15, on the set of Sonsoles Ónega on Antena 3 to promote the new song with which she returns to the music scene, It’s not my fault. Among other things, he has talked about what Rocío Jurado meant to her and to her mother and the great gift that the greatest of hers left her in her life: Rocío Carrasco. During the live she has also had a small lapse.

All when the Atresmedia presenter has asked her about different national characters that have marked her life, such as Miguel Bosé, Alaska, Enrique Iglesias or Rocío Jurado herself. “She’s like my sister. I just talked to her when she came on the AVE,” Rubio revealed. Onega’s face has been a poem and she, surprised, has asked him about it.

Paulina immediately realized her mistake and clarified that the person she had spoken to was Rociito, who is a very important person in her life: “Rocío daughter is one of my little sisters and her mother was like my mother, I always admired her and I respected.”

The Golden Girl has also recalled the performance that she starred in with the Chipionera artist at the well-remembered 2005 TVE gala, when Rocío suffered from pancreatic cancer. “When we made that meeting it was because of her daughter and because of the admiration of my mother and hers, who were friends. The relationship I have with Rocío Carrasco is one of the strongest friendships I have in my life.” It must be remembered that the Golden Girl was one of the guests who attended her wedding with Fidel in 2016.

In her interview in Spain, the interpreter of neither roses nor toys He has been moved when talking about his mother, the emblematic soap opera actress Susana Dosamantes, who died in July of last year due to pancreatic cancer: “It is a very recent loss and I imagine that even if the years go by, it will continue to This pain is very deep. It will always live in me. Tomorrow it will be a year old, everything has been very fast and I will always name it in the present because it lives in me and that’s how I want it to be (…) I miss your embrace.”

On the other hand, about whether his heart is busy, he said: “Okay, I’m working on it. I’m very good, little by little we have to give love to the priority, which are my children, my audience, me. Projects that keep me connected and fulfilled”, has sentenced.

Paulina dies of love for her two children. Andrea Nicolás, the fruit of his marriage to Colate, is already 13 years old. She with the businessman, with whom she was married from 2007 to 2012, she starred in a controversial divorce and tense legal disputes. With Gerardo Bazúa she had Eros, her youngest son, who came into the world 7 years ago. She broke up with the Mexican in 2017 and also had disputes in court.