Paula Echevarría wins the race for the first dip of the year: posed in a swimsuit with Miguel Torres

Paula Echevarria She is the first of the celebrities who has already been able to afford the first dip of the year during a short vacation in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and she has shown us her great body in a swimsuit when we have just started spring. Together with her boy Miguel Torreshave traveled to the Canary Islands to premiere swimwear and season.

Echevarría and her boyfriend have already put on their swimsuits and have gone to Tenerife to enjoy the time change, the sun and the sea of ​​the island spring during the weekend. Through the publication of their photos with the first swimsuit outfits that we see this 2023, they have officially inaugurated the season of perfect dips and bodies, with permission from Anabel Pantojawho always finds a sea, a swimming pool or a bikini to show us.

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The Asturian recognized in her networks that the time change had also affected her: “Before the jet lag. Tell me that I’m not the only one who drags that miserable hour … “, the Asturian joked in her publications.

Paula has posed with the former Málaga CF soccer player, in a fun and even naughty way, wearing a very comfortable and flattering black swimsuit with simple ruffles on the neckline. The couple have enjoyed the weekend without the company of little Miki, who was born on April 11, 2021 and is about to turn two years old, nor Daniella, 15 years old and the result of Paula’s marriage to david bustamante.

The lovebirds, whose love story began at the beginning of 2018, after the notorious divorce between the Asturian woman and Bustamante, with whom she was married for more than a decade, have enjoyed their stay in an exclusive five-star hotel on the beachfront, with magnificent views of the Atlantic and Teide, and which has the plus of having the longest salty pool in Europe.