Paula Echevarría is honest as a mother: “Since she was little, I have warned my daughter about what she is going to find”

Paula Echevarria breaks the silence about what his relationship with his daughter is like Daniela (15), fruit of his marriage with David Bustamante. Unlike many celebrities, the protagonist of Velvet He chose not to talk about his daughter, nor publish her face on his social networks. Now the tables have turned and Jorge Javier Vazquez gets on his return to Telecinco, with Chinese Storiess, that the Asturian actress reveals this Thursday, September 14, what her relationship with her daughter is like.

The one who was the presenter of Save me For more than a decade he delved into Echevarría’s most personal territory and asked him: “What would happen if your daughter decided to dedicate herself to the world of acting and got a series in Tokyo to go away for a whole year?”

The influencer also dispenses with the caution that characterizes her and answers: “It would be a problem because the empty nest syndrome does not strike so soon. But I think I would end up giving in because no one ever said no to me, I was lucky in my life that “No one ever told me ‘you’re crazy.'”

Likewise, the actress takes advantage of her daughter’s question to remember what her beginnings were like in the world of acting. “I lived in Asturias, one day I came home and told my parents that I wanted to go to Madrid to try my luck. I didn’t get a ‘no’ from my parents or my family,” Paula recalled.

Jorge Javier attacks again and asks: “How would you do it if your children want to dedicate themselves to the world of acting and they are not good at it?” Paula, who during the interview revealed the great trust she has with her daughter, admits that she would tell her: “Honey, I think you are better at other things.” She insists: “Education consists of that.”

During the interview, the veteran Telecinco presenter comments from his new set on the news that four Real Madrid footballers are being investigated for the dissemination of a sex video with a minor. Paula Echevarría takes advantage of Jorge Javier’s intervention to explain how she experiences these situations having a daughter.

“There was always fear, my mother was scared to death when I went out, before there were no cell phones, but there were abuses anyway, what there was not the dissemination. I try to raise awareness, since I was very little I have always warned her a lot about what is going to happen. find. When news comes on TV I would sit down and make him watch it. Life is dangerous, we must warn and raise awareness,” he concluded.