Pau Gasol, Laia Palau, ‘Pepu’ and Nowitzki, protagonists this Thursday as elected to the III Hall of Fame of the FEB


Pau Gasol, Laia Palau, José Vicente ‘Pepu’ Hernández, Dirk Nowitzki and the ACB League are among the protagonists of the 3rd Promotion of the Spanish Basketball Hall of Fame, framed this year in the events celebrating the Centennial of the Spanish Federation of Basketball (FEB) and whose entry ceremony will take place this Thursday at the Estadio de la Cartuja in Seville.

As the FEB announced last April, in the first category, those chosen are Pau Gasol, winner, among other things, of two NBA rings, three Olympic medals and a world gold medal; Laia Palau, the most successful player in Spanish women’s basketball; Felipe Reyes; ‘Wonny’ Geuer, mother of the Hernangómez brothers; and Fernando Romay.

As for the coaches, the nominees are ‘Pepu’ Hernández, former national coach who led the team that made history in the 2006 World Cup, and the Croatian Bozidar Maljkovic, while Vicente Sanchís will be recognized for his refereeing work.

In addition, the ACB League, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and the magazine ‘Gigantes’ were chosen as contributors, and the Argentine Luis Scola, the German Dirk Nowitzki, the Serbian Predag ​​Danilovic and the Russian Natalia Zassouskaya were promoted. They were joined, ‘in memoriam’, by the international player Pilar Valero and the former referee and referee leader Ángel Sancha.

The gala of this III Hall of Fame is held this Thursday (8:00 p.m.) in La Cartuja, as in the two previous editions. Organized by the FEB and the newspaper As, the event can also be followed live through the official Twitch channel of the federative entity.

The Election Committee of this 3rd promotion was made up of the former president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa; the director of As, Vicente Jiménez; Juan Fernández, representing the CSD; the former Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of Andalusia José María Arrabal; the general director of FEB, Óscar Graefenhain; the current president of the FEB, Elisa Aguilar; the editors of As Juan Jiménez and Raquel González Santos; the president of the Association of Professional Basketball Players, Alfonso Reyes; the general secretary of the Basketball Players Association, Esther Morillas; the director of refereeing of the Euroleague, Daniel Hierrezuelo; the coach Joan Maria Gavaldà; the president of ACB, Antonio Martín; and the president of the LF Endesa, Carmen Muguruza.