Patrick Mahomes’ enraged post-Bills victory message: “They received precisely what they requested.”

Patrick Mahomes’ enraged post-Bills victory message: “They received precisely what they requested.”

After defeating the Buffalo Bills on Sunday to advance to the AFC championship game, Kansas City Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes gave an inspirational pep talk to his teammates.

Coach Andy Reid and Mahomes, who were accompanied by Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, and others, concurred that their work is not yet complete. The following opponent is the Baltimore Ravens.

“Hey, they asked for it, and they took what they had asked for,” Mahomes commented. “However, Andy Reid stated it.” This is not yet complete. We will be prepared to proceed the following week.”

Reid stated that it is not yet appropriate to dance. It is still necessary for them to defeat the Ravens to advance to victory in the final game of the season before any festivities can commence. The Ravens will be the most formidable opponent the Chiefs have faced thus far.

Kansas City must accomplish this while traveling. Sunday night at M&T Bank Stadium, the Baltimore Ravens will be hosting the division championship for the first time in their history.

Following the divisional round playoff victory of the Kansas City Chiefs over the Buffalo Bills (27–24) on Sunday, Patrick Mahomes proved understandably enraged.

The Chiefs qualified for their sixth successive AFC championship game with this victory, following a comparatively lackluster regular season wherein they concluded as the No. 3 seed within the conference thanks to an 11–6 record.

In the postgame locker room of the Kansas City Chiefs, NFL Films captured Mahomes delivering a vehement address to his teammates, wherein he criticized those who had predicted that the team would suffer a loss in his inaugural road playoff game against Buffalo.

Numerous individuals cited the Chiefs’ visit to Buffalo as a significant factor in the Bills’ potential postseason victory over Kansas City. Dion Dawkins, a tackle for the Bills, confirmed this to reporters on Thursday.

“[Mahomes] has entered the field only once. Consequently, he has never been here. “Simple as that,” Dawkins stated, as reported by Alaina Getzenberg of ESPN.

“Pat has never attended the Bills’ stadium in its entirety… Although the environment may not be in our favor, the stadium itself is in our favor. The stadium represents us. That is beneficial to us.”

After the Chiefs’ thrilling 27-24 divisional-round victory over the Bills on Sunday in Orchard Park, an enraged Patrick Mahomes stormed through the locker room, putting a playful spin on the adage “Be careful of what you wish for.”

“They received what they requested,” the Chiefs quarterback remarked to his teammates, to be captured on camera by NFL Films. “However, he warned, this s—t is not complete.

“Next week, we will be prepared to f–king depart.” Sunday’s AFC Championship game to Baltimore will pit the Chiefs against the Ravens; this will be Mahomes’ second-ever away playoff game.

Dion Dawkins, an offensive lineman for the Bills, fueled the flames of one of the league’s most renowned rivalries before Sunday’s game by remarking that Mahomes, 28, has not yet “completely” experienced the Bills Mafia.

On a momentous Sunday in Orchard Park, Patrick Mahomes (17 of 23 for 215 yards and two touchdowns) and Travis Kelce, a tight end, shared the record for most postseason touchdowns between a quarterback and pass-catcher with sixteen. This tied the record held by Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

The Kansas City supporters are ecstatic about this. Following the Bills’ triumph, the NFL uploaded a video to X of Patrick Mahomes delivering an impassioned victory speech in his locker room.

The quarterback has been surrounded by his staff, coaches Andy Reid and Clark Hunt, and his teammates in the video.

Mahomes solicited the attention of all and exclaimed with great enthusiasm, “Hey, they requested it. Furthermore, they obtained their desired outcome. However, as he stated, this is not complete.

We return the following week fully prepared to proceed.” Travis Kelce remarked immediately, “And increase it by one notch.”

Then, Mahomes led the team in a jubilant chant of “Chiefs on three, 1-2-3,” and each individual responded with an enthusiastic “Chiefs!”