Patricio Rodríguez, coach of Massú in Athens 2004 dies

At 81 he passed away Patricio rodriguez, former tennis player and one of the most outstanding coaches, and winners, of this sport in Chile. It ceased to exist after a long illness.

Rodríguez directed Nicolás Massú in the historic campaign of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, when the viñamarino tennis player achieved a double gold medal.

In addition, 'Pato' directed the Ecuadorian Andrés Gómez, when he won the Roland Garros title in 1990, defeating the American Andre Agassi in the final, and was Top 4 in the ATP.

In addition, he was coach of the Ecuadorian also Nicolas Lapenttifrom the Argentine José Luis Clerc, from Peruvian Jaime yzaga and of the Chileans José Antonio Fernández, Gabriel Silberstein and Felipe Rivera. With practically everyone he achieved great results. Lapentti was 6th in the world and Clerc 4th.

As a player, Rodríguez won two ATP 250 doubles titles in the professional era and was a player for the Chilean Davis Cup team between 1958 and 1972. In singles, counting before the Open Era, he obtained 23 trophies and in 1966 he was the first Chilean to win a match at the Australian Open.