“Patience and time”: María Zurita shows her x-rays after undergoing a complicated operation

The niece of King Juan Carlos He has revealed on his social networks that he has undergone cervical surgery. Maria Zurita He showed his x-rays and left some very optimistic words to reassure his friends and Instagram followers.

“Well, we now have new albums! Thank you very much for all your messages of support and your love. The operation has gone great,” wrote Felipe VI’s cousin this Saturday.

He has also given all the details of the intervention: “I had 2 hernias and a cervical spinal canal stenosis and they performed a cervical disc arthroplasty with C5-C6 and C6-C7 cervical disc prosthesis implantation.” Now, Zurita is fully focused on her recovery: “With a little patience and time, I am nowhere near 100% ready to continue working hard.”

On the comments wall, the cousin of Infanta Elena and Infanta Cristina has received messages of support: “Speed ​​recovery”, “I’m glad Maria, they are doing wonders today”, “Much encouragement” or “I sincerely wish you a speedy improvement,” some of his followers, who number more than 100,000 on Instagram, have written to him.

Despite everything, María regains her smile with every step of her son, the little one. Carloswho was born by artificial insemination in April 2018. The little one is now five years old: “Waiting for the tooth fairy,” Zurita wrote this Sunday in stories along with a photo of the little house that they have prepared for the tooth mouse.