Paris 2024 wants to leave “a useful and lasting legacy, with a legacy for future generations”


Paris 2024 is already in the true countdown to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer, which represents for France “a pride, an opportunity and a challenge” and which the country faces with the desire to leave “a useful and lasting, with a legacy for future generations.

This was expressed this Thursday by Aymeric Chuzeville, Minister Counselor of the French Embassy in Spain, where the awards were presented to the Spanish Paralympic swimmers Nuria Marquès and Toni Ponce for winning the AXA League 2023.

“France is going to host the first Paralympic Games in its history and it is very important for us. It is a pride, an opportunity and a challenge to host the largest event ever organized in France,” said the diplomat.

He stressed that those in Paris will be the “Innovation Games.” “The opening will be outside the stadium for the first time, the competitions will be in emblematic places and the torch relay will pass through unique places such as Mont Saint-Michel. They will also be the first equal and inclusive Games with universal accessibility, and more ecological “he explained.

“France's intention is to leave a useful and lasting legacy, by promoting the practice of sports for young people, creating economic opportunity for companies and leaving a legacy for future generations,” said Chuzeville.

The Minister Counselor stressed that there is “a clear commitment so that the effort with accessibility continues after the Games” and recalled that since 2022 his embassy has designed a network “with other territorial and metropolitan entities to celebrate sport and its values.” “.

“We want to share the Olympic and Paralympic adventure with Spain and that is why we are going to have a promotional program in the coming weeks with a photography contest, the reception of Mourad Merzouki, the creator of the dance of the Games to celebrate the entry of breakdance 'and participation in the relay race around the world,” he said.

For his part, Miguel Carballeda, president of the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE), stated that Paris “is going to celebrate something very important” and that this time it is also “close” to Spain. “They are going to be absolutely different Games from the last ones and Paris is once again going to offer some 'hot' Games, with full stands,” he stressed.

“This summer the Games are a perfect reason to go on vacation to Paris and watch sports and ceremonies in the street. They will surely be extraordinary and will leave wonderful memories,” remarked the leader, who does not forget that “accessibility issues are to be very important”, something that was confirmed by the “legacy” that Barcelona'92 left in this sense.