Paolo Vasile, beyond Mediaset: a wife, three children and a desired return home

The Italian businessman leaves Mediaset. At 69 years old and after signing 15 years ago as CEO of the group, Paolo Vasile hurry his last months in the private company where he has been responsible for successes such as Big Brother and where he has forged great friendships with Anna Quintana o Emma Garcia. However, his greatest achievement, as he himself has confessed, has nothing to do with the audience report first thing in the morning: “The best thing in my life is my marriage and my wife.”

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Paolo Vasile is married to Annalisawhom he met in his last year of high school, when his family went bankrupt (his father, Turi Vasile, owned the production company Ultra Films, which went under with Roma of Fellini) and went from living in a good bourgeois neighborhood to a more humble one. They have been married for 51 years and have three children. It was she who encouraged the Italian to accept the job offer as CEO of Mediaset Spain in 1999 and although they all moved to Madrid to accompany him on this new adventure, they returned to Rome after four years. Since then, Vasile has traveled every weekend to the Italian capital to be with them without fail: “They came a year after I was here and they were four. It was the best period of my family life, They have been wonderful years, because ours is a very normal family. We love each other and we like to be together, but my children are grown up and have their lives in Rome. My wife also lives in Rome, I live in Madrid from Monday to Friday,” he explained. “I don’t have a personal and a professional life, everything is one. I have a unilateral pact with my family: if they call me, I stop what I’m doing and talk to them, but if I’m with them and they call me from work, I interrupt everything and leave,” he confessed a few years ago in an interview with Ten minutes.

Vasile adores his wife and is a very devoted father: “She is the boss at home, I don’t paint anything. The only thing I hope is to have contributed to the formation of my children. I am very happy with them, but this is a task that never ends.” Jealous of his privacy, he refused to reveal if any of them follow in his footsteps: “I want them to choose freely. To discover your vocation no one has to push you. It’s like faith: you either have it or you don’t.”

Qualified anthropologist, Vasile defines himself as a very self-critical, insistent and not rancorous at all: “In the years I’ve been on television, there’s only one person I wouldn’t work with again, unless my kids were starving.” In addition, she considers herself a feminist but with nuances: “Sexism is an offense against men. I really like working with women, but it seems cosmic nonsense to me that the same number of women as men should be placed on Boards of Directors.”

Have a labrador retriever named Vascoby the musician Vasco Rossi, and never plans to retire: “The day I retire is because I will be in a much smaller box than my office.”