Pain and glory of Ana Obregón: from the heartbreak of a “dead in life” mother to the fabulous business of her enhanced fame

The economic power of Ana Obregon It is immense and her well-off situation has allowed her to bear the enormous expenses involved in renting the womb of a pregnant woman and the medical treatments that the process includes, as well as travel, stays and legal costs. In addition, the actress has inherited, together with her brothers, the legacy of her parents, who died months ago. However, we have been able to verify that some of the biologist’s companies have been inactive since 2015, have reduced their assets and even present red numbers for a not inconsiderable amount: some 700.000 euros. But now, in addition to the price of an exclusive that some estimate around a million euros, “she has managed to multiply the value of her image by five”, according to several experts who include updating their caches as an actress in their assessment, influencer, member of the jury in programs or simple conversation, in addition, of course, with a view to future exclusives that may already be agreed, such as the first posed at home with his granddaughter, the christening or other events.

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Conflicting opinions confront those who support Ana Obregón after having become a mother and grandmother at 68 after having hired a pregnant woman fertilized with an embryo fertilized with the sperm of her own son, who died three years ago.

But, beyond the ethical, legal and even political debates raised after the news that has shaken public opinion in the last ten days, there are few who defend the other side of the event: that it has exposed the newborn baby on two covers of a magazine, in exchange for money.

Various experts, paparazzi and owners of specialized agencies in the social chronicle have tried to assess the price of the pose and the statements of the actress, in which she details controversial aspects of the decision that has led to her son Aless to become a post-mortem father.

As it is one of the most important exclusives in the world of the heart in recent times, various theories have circulated about what the protagonist could have charged for giving it. Antonio Monterowho has his own agency and has been in the world of exclusives for decades, calculates the hit and raises the amount to “indecent” levels, as many describe the operation. “The information I have is that it is a million euros”, says the photographer, reporter and businessman. On the other hand, and contrary to what was commented by some of the participants in the successive debates on the matter, at no time has Ana Obregón announced that the money obtained from the photographs and the interview published in the magazine Hola will go to the Aless Lequio Foundation for research against cancer. But immediately the collaborator corrected her: “What is earned with the book will go to the foundation, he has not said anything about the exclusive money,” Montero said.

Other companions of the husband of Marisa Martin Blazquez reduce the amount: bethlehem esteban believes that “much less” has been paid, while Kiko HernandezFor his part, he does agree with the figure that Montero has given, although he considers that the check will reach a million euros but not only because of the already published interview: “I do think that a million, but for the two covers , the one from last week and the one from this week,” he explained.

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The journalist Marisa Martín Blázquez has her own version about the money collected by Obregón. “They talk to me about an amount that, for me, is indecent money.” And it would not only be for this first interview or cover, there will be more, since it would be a pack that will be made over time. “Apparently, part of that money will be donated to the Aless Lequio Foundation”, was over

Rosary of exclusives within the pack: “This has only just begun”

Several experts in tabloids consider that “this has only just begun” and that in reality we are facing “a kind of long-term contract” thanks to which Ana Obregón will sell successive events related to the birth of her daughter-granddaughter to the magazine that has given the first two exclusives: “It cannot be ruled out that other events are already agreed upon in the pack that would report succulent sales results to any publication “. The sources consulted refer to “a rosary of posados” conveniently separated in time. “The girl’s christeningthe first perched at home, his first outings, when you start taking your first steps or until, over time, the first communion would be the object of desire not only Hola but of any other weekly” that wants to increase its sales.

“We must not forget that we are talking about a woman who He has granted exclusives and perched for practically his entire life and that it is natural for her to get paid to tell about her life”, they remind us. “And her partner in this window of income that she has always looked out for has almost always been the magazine Hola, with whose owners it maintains a fluid and not uncommon commercial relationship”, they assure us.

“Months after his son Aless died, he posed in Hola to recount the heartbreak she was experiencing and then she did it again when she was hired by TVE for the New Year’s Eve bells,” they recall.

Enhancement of your image: much more money at stake than that of the exclusive itself

“For Ana Obregón, charging for posing and being interviewed is a constant; the change is actually in her attitude regarding respect for the privacy of minors,” they point out. “She, with her son Aless, took the lead in the demands to protect children and get them to be pixelated to preserve her image until she came of age,” she added. “She even spoke with experts and defenders of minors and took an active part in promoting the law that prevented the media from photographing children and yet now it is she herself who exhibits her daughter on a cover that has gone around the world “, she points out. “Javier Urraforensic psychologist who joined Ana Obregón in her crusade when she was Ombudsman for Minors He criticizes her now and dismisses her as incoherent for selling the image of his granddaughter or his daughter”, they conclude.

But the commercial operation around this exclusive of historical dimensions goes far beyond what can be calculated by these first two exclusives. “Apart from the fact that anyone who knows Ana Obregón knows that she always needed to be the center of creation, with this the cache of her image has recovered her as a character,” they clarify. “That is, right now, the presence of her in a photo callin a television debate, at the end of the year chimes, or even in a series or film, I would be paid much better than before”, the experts consulted by Informalia.

Great boost for her cachet and her public image: now Ana Obregón is “worth more”

“The power of the public image of Ana Obregón It had been reduced in recent times, “say the experts. “Only the illness of her son and later the tragedy of his death returned, unfortunately, the mother torn by grief to the forefront of today. She herself took it upon herself to honor her son’s memory every month, every 13th of the month, keeping the flame of that pain going,” they explain to us. “But in reality her professional activity had practically ceased to exist, and it was only strengthened when she became victim of that loss that we all regret but that sank her to the point of taking away her desire to live, as she herself repeated in various interviews,” they clarify.

“However, he accepted present the year-end chimes and also intervene in Mark Singer, at Atresmedia, a job that she later rejected but now we know that when she was offered a renewal, she said no for a reason: she was expecting a baby from a pregnant mother in Miami,” they recall. “That is, Ana Obregón confessed that she was torn with pain but He did not stop accepting the good job offers that came to him, offers that, on the other hand, played with the morbidity of seeing a mother dead in life due to the loss of her son on the most exciting night of the year for the vast majority of her families,” they insist.