The widow and children of the legendary Paco de Lucia have presented the long-awaited 'Paco de Lucía Legacy' festival, which will take place in February in New York to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the death of the flamenco guitar maestro.

Gabriela Canseco Vallejowidow of Paco de Lucía, led the presentation on behalf of the Paco de Lucía Foundation, accompanied by her children Curro, Casilda y Antoniaas well as the artistic directors of the festival, Julio Marti y Laura Poggio. The event also featured the participation of the dancer Carmen Linares, Oscar Marinéauthor of the poster, and Arturo BernalMinister of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of Andalusia.

However, the absence of Malú, Paco de Lucía's niece, at the festival raised questions, and Gabriela Canseco explained: “Malú is not going to participate. I don't know exactly whyHonestly, I don't know. It must be because of his agenda, yes, because of course we proposed it to him“.

When asked about the singer, Gabriela confirms that she does not have much of a relationship with her: “Well, I imagine so, The truth is that I don't see her much either.I mean, He is a person who is always very busy and then when I see her she is always happy and she is very familiar with her cousins.”

On the other hand, Paco de Lucía's family revealed that, although ten years have passed since his death, the teacher is still present in their lives. The children shared that Paco never wanted them to follow in his footsteps in music and that, although they love flamenco, they decided to follow their own professional paths, respecting his father's wishes.

The 'Paco de Lucía Legacy' festival promises to be a large-scale international event that will pay tribute to the maestro's immense contribution to the world of flamenco and music in general. The guitar maestro was married first to Casilda Varela Ampuero, the mother of his daughters Casilda, Lucía and Curro, and secondly to his widow, Gabriela, with whom he had Antonia and Diego. Paco de Lucía died at the age of 66 in 2014.

As for his niece Malú, her interview with Risto Mejide was broadcast on Cuatro in the middle of this week. For the first time she spoke clearly about her breakup with the father of her daughter, Albert Rivera. The singer celebrates with a compilation album and new versions, To everything yeshis 25 years in music.