Packers teenagers keep making big plays against the Chargers

Packers teenagers keep making big plays against the Chargers

Rhymers Luke Musgrave, Jayden Reed, as well as Dontayvion Wicks made a total of nine plays for at least 20 yards in games against the Vikings of Minnesota, the Los Angeles Rams, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Four more exciting plays were made in Sunday’s win over the Chargers, with rookie defensive end Tucker Kraft added to the mix.

On a touchdown drive in the third quarter, Wicks caught a pass for 27 yards. On the go-ahead touchdown drive within the fourth quarter, he caught a pass for 35 yards.

It was only two plays prior to Christian Watson caught the score that Kraft made a catch of 27 yards.

When going after a rookie on Sunday, Jordan Love made 15 out of 21 passes for 213 yards. He completed passes for six different players, such as quarterback Emanuel Wilson and receiver Malik Heath.

“He can make any throw,” said Matt LaFleur, head coach of the Packers. It’s great that he keeps the game safe. It makes good choices. Will throw to tight spots with a lot of force.

Keenan Allen is a crazy person. He shows them the way, and Ekeler is behind them. Even though they’ve had some bad losses, I think they have a lot for playmakers, guys who can make explosive plays.

New Packers receiver Jayden Reed scored a touchdown pass in Pittsburgh on Sunday. He said that things are starting to work out, but that he hasn’t changed how he does things.

“Since camp, I’ve said the same thing,” Reed said. “I’m just learning more about the offense.” These are just things I do because I know what my job is.

Study your opponent and take note to the little things. Know what they accomplish and how to fight them.

Watson said, “I’ve played this game for a long time.” “I’ve been through plenty of bad things.

Only on a bigger stage, with more people giving their thoughts. Things that people say in this room and at home are the only things that bother me.

That’s just noise from outside. In the end, I’m always looking for ways to get better, it doesn’t matter if I aim for 150 yards or nothing. No matter what, I always try to find a way to get better.

As for Christian, Packers QB Jordan Love told him, “Just keep your faith.” “That stuff shouldn’t ever make you doubt yourself or anything such as that. I put all my trust in Christian.

He already knows this, yet I trust every one of our targets. No matter what, the ball will come out.

“That’s the challenge,” Matt LaFleur said about stopping both the run or the pass effectively.

“I believe that when someone is as fast as they are, especially when playing the pass game, you need to play split safety and do a great job.” That’s a tough question.

Justin Herbert is in charge of the Chargers’ attack, which wants to move the ball around through the air.

As of Week 11, Los Angeles is eighth in the league in pass attempts each game, and Herbert has the fifth the majority pass attempts of 20 yards or more.

Within receiver, Keenan Allen has the fourth most receiving yards this season of any player. When you play Cover-2, also known as shell coverage, there is a safety on every side of the field in the back end. This makes it harder for the other team’s attack to move the ball vertically.

This strategy will also give the Packers some extra help at cornerback, since Jaire Alexander is listed as doubtful, which could leave them short-handed.

On Friday, safety Anthony Johnson said, “Just keep the top on the other side and don’t let them go over the top.”

“Some offensive managers don’t want to play dink-and-dunk the whole time. The big play is what they really want. “Don’t give it to them.”