Pacheta: “In Huesca I am happier than milk”

José Rojo Martín ‘Pacheta’ attended the program 'The Transistor' from Zero Wave to talk about a Huesca that, despite being still in relegation positions, has recovered his chances of salvation since his arrival on the bench.

The coach confessed that “Huesca is a city where they treat me very well and it is a very comfortable city to live in. I am happier than milk and with the team with the sword at the top ”.

Pacheta He said about the fight for permanence that “I don't do the math, I just think about going to Cádiz to win. I don't know how many points are going to be needed so what difference does it make to me what others do. If we win we are going to leave, we are in all the ointment when three months ago we were very screwed ”.

And he added that “when you get to the end of the seasons this is inhuman. These teams are very good and yes, at this time health goes away ”.

Finally, he explained that “Pacheta is a nickname that comes from my great-grandfather. All my brothers are also nicknamed Pacheta ”.