Pablo Urdangarin's greeting to Ainhoa ​​Armentia, who already lives with her father (before getting married)

Iñaki Urdangarin count the days to have the paper certifying your divorce from the Infanta Cristina and allow him to marry Ainhoa ​​Armentia. At the moment and, as we already announced this Tuesday, the son-in-law of Juan Carlos I He already lives with his girlfriend and the Basque woman's children in the family apartment she has in Vitoria. And the fact is that, two years after the existence of the extramarital affair of the brother-in-law came to light, Felipe VI, The relationship has been normalized to the point that Pablo Urdangarin already knows the woman who has replaced Infanta Elena in the heart of the former handball player for the Spanish team.

Queen Sofia's son-in-law has left his mother's house Claire Liebaert, where he lived since he was released from prison, in Vitoria and has gone to live at his girlfriend's family home, where Ainhoa ​​lives with his two teenage children.

As we already reported, this will not be their definitive 'love nest', since they have rented an apartment with the right to purchase on the outskirts of the capital of Alava and which Urdangarin himself is renovating to leave it to his liking.

The work, which consists of renovating two bathrooms and the kitchen, costs around 6,000 euros, which will be completed in approximately two months and although it is a rental home, they do not rule out buying it in the future.

Divorce imminent but stopped for Christmas

It was published that the four Iñaki children had made it a condition for spending New Year's Eve with their father that Ainhoa ​​not be there, but everything indicates that this is false: in fact, we know that Pablo already knows her. It is one thing that they do not interact with her out of respect for her mother and another that they refuse to see her or greet her, even if it is briefly and coldly.

Although the divorce of Infanta Cristina is stopped until after Christmas, it is a fact that will occur in just a few weeks. However, the relationship between Iñaki and the mother of his four children is cordial. Don Juan Carlos's daughter has spent these holidays in Zarzuela with her children, who are now traveling to Vitoria to say goodbye to 2023 with her father and see her paternal grandmother, whom they adore.

For her part, Ainhoa, mother of two teenage children from her marriage to Manuel Ruiz, shares a roof with Iñaki. It is false that Juan Valentín, Miguel, Pablo and Irene have marked their limits or impositions on their father. In fact, Hola magazine claims that Pablo has already met his father's girlfriend. Ainhoa ​​Armentia appeared with Iñaki in one of her matches and, after the surprise, they were presented at the end of the competition. According to the weekly, the greeting was fleeting, which shows on the one hand that he maintains his distance from the woman who has succeeded his mother in his father's heart, but not to the point of refusing to share space with her or greet her.