Pablo Urdangarin travels to Romania with the rest of his team and becomes the center of attention

Pablo Urdangarin lives one of the most exciting moments of his promising sports career. Wearing the shirt of his new team, Fraikin BM Granollers, there have been several occasions in which we have been able to see how the young man is completely integrated among his teammates.

This weekend, the King’s nephew Philip VI He has traveled with the rest of his team to Romania to play the EHF European League. It has been the same club that has provided some images where we can see all the members walking very enthusiastic about this event that they are going to experience.

As you might expect, the magnifying glass was on Pablo, who, although he was not the first to appear in the images, does attract a lot of attention… Why? Nothing more and nothing less than his outfit. Although the son of the Infanta Cristina He has a whole country in love because of his education, but above all because of his physique and way of dressing, on this occasion he has surprised us because he has surrendered to the latest sports fashion.

With tall, white socks, sandals, disheveled hair and glasses, the young man went out with the rest of his teammates, wearing his kit and showing that he is already a professional player. Betting on comfort and also on that latest trend of wearing sandals with socks, the grandson of the emeritus was seen chatting with his friends.