Pablo Urdangarin reunites with his mother, Infanta Cristina, and his paternal grandmother, Urdangarin’s mother.

This Saturday we experienced an important event for Pablo Urdangarin and no, not precisely because of the match he played in Barcelona. The grandson of Juan Carlos I managed to reunite his mother, Infanta Cristina, with his paternal grandmother, Claire Liebaert.

Although it has always been known that both of them enjoyed a very good relationship, as a result of the separation of Mrs. Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin we had not seen them together again. They did coincide at Irene Urdangarin’s graduation, but no photograph emerged. Demonstrating that her bond is unbreakable, the daughter of the emeritus was seen in the vicinity of the stadium where she played, her son holding the hand of the one who has been her mother-in-law for more than twenty years. An image that reflects the love and affection that they continue to have. Minutes later, at the end of the game, we managed to talk to Pablo and asked him about that tender image of his mother and paternal grandmother together. The athlete answered us emphatically: “Family comes first.” Although he avoided answering when asked about Queen Sofía’s state of health, he did seem most grateful when they praised him for the education that all the brothers have always shown: “That’s what matters.”

We knew that they were together at Irene Urdangarin’s graduation, but the truth is that since her notorious separation with Iñaki Urdangarin we had not seen them together in front of the cameras. Infanta Cristina and her ex-mother-in-law, Claire Liebaert, were seen together this Saturday enjoying a Pablo Urdangarin game.

Since that famous cover of the magazine Lecturas through which all of Spain and the Royal House found out that Iñaki Urdangarin had begun an extramarital relationship with Ainhoa ​​Armentia, Infanta Cristina has been one of the faces most sought after by the press.

Always in the background, the daughter of the emeritus has avoided making statements to the media and has been seen on many occasions alongside her children. We even got to see her with Iñaki at some of Pablo’s games and at her daughter Irene’s graduation.

However, the image that we had not seen until now was that of Claire with Infanta Cristina. They always had a good relationship, but nothing was known about what it was like now after her notorious divorce with Iñaki… but, after yesterday afternoon there is no doubt that they continue to have a deep affection for each other.

Claire, holding the hand of Infanta Cristina, was seen leaving the stadium where minutes before her grandson Pablo had played a handball match in Barcelona. Together, they exuded complicity and were seen united before the press cameras.