Pablo Motos reappears after being operated on urgently and details what happened: “They have saved my life”

Barely 48 hours after being operated on for a triceps fracture, Paul Motorcycles has been in front of the anthill: “I’m still affected,” he said. With his arm in a sling and something more serious than usual, he explained: “On Friday while practicing boxing I broke 90 percent of my triceps. It is a very serious damage, and since only the thread was left holding the muscle, they had to operate on me again. emergency room and I’m still a bit affected, because at that moment everything happened very quickly”.

The presenter has admitted that he has had a very bad time in the last hours: “Dr. Ángel Villamor has saved my life, apart from being the best surgeon in Spain, he is a unique person, with a kindness, generosity and dedication that I have not known nobody like that in my life. If it wasn’t for him, I could have lost all the strength in my arm forever and part of my mobility, so you are going to allow me to send all my thanks to Ángel Villamor and the team from here , who turned to me and have freed me from a fat woman. This time it has been fat”.

Motos has confessed that he is terrified of operating rooms and wanted to thank the sensitivity of the professionals who have treated him: “I want to thank Mayte Ocaña for something important. She was there looking at me when I entered the operating room tenderly and caressing me to alleviate the fear that I had… The first time they operated on me, I’ve had five, I panicked. In the operating room and there was Mayte who has been in all the operations. What she did was take my hand and look at me with tenderness until the anesthesia put me to sleep. And that look is not forgotten, Mayte”, he said excitedly. “I tell it to underline how important kindness is in doctors and nurses at a time when patients are defenseless, scared to death and not knowing what will become of us. Surely that is not studied in the race, but it is what that makes all the difference at a time like this”.

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Lastly, he wanted to thank his wife, Laura Llopis, author of the famous photo of ‘Supermanco’: “He always adds a touch of humor that makes life soften when things are screwed up. When I was leaving the anesthesia, that I didn’t know where I was or what I was saying, and he told me ‘Stand up’. And he took this photo of me. And he tells me ‘You’re Supermanco’. Let the memes run, have fun”.