Pablo Motos paralyzes ‘El Hormiguero’ to warn viewers of a scam: “Do not give bank details”

Beware of scammers. Paul Motorcycles has had to make a break during the broadcast of the anthill this Monday to alert viewers of a worrying telephone scam in which the Antena 3 program has been involved.

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All as a result of the money raffle that they make in each broadcast in which they call a random number by phone. “Do you know what I want?”, they say when picking up. If the recipient of the call pronounces “the card of the anthill“, he takes 3,000 euros from Openbank.

Unfortunately, some criminal has found in these phrases a perfect way to get people’s data and take advantage of it. “Something has happened, that someone has tried to get a person’s bank details. First: we never ask for them and don’t ever give them to anyone. Nobody is given bank details. Second: watch TV, I always do. we do live”, warned the one from Requena.

“The people of the team contact the winner or winner, an Openbank account is opened and they call you to make the transfer,” Motos explained. “Let this be clear. Although when we call ‘private number’ comes out, but be careful that someone wants to take advantage of it and we do not want it,” he insisted.