Pablo Motos, on the investiture of Pedro Sánchez: “I had never felt ashamed of being Spanish, it had never happened to me”

The PSOE and ERC have sealed an agreement for the investiture of Pedro Sanchez after agreeing on an amnesty law, the transfer of Rodalies, a forgiveness of 15,000 million debt, among other things. This new political scenario was debated this Thursday in The anthilland which caused the presenter’s indignation, Pablo Motosand the rest of the panelists at the debate table.

“I have been in the media all my life, which has been a few years now, and I have never felt ashamed of being Spanish, it has never happened to me,” said the host of the Atresmedia program, assuring that, from now on, he will stop say it’s Spanish.

“Probably, if I travel abroad and they ask me where I am from, I will say that I am European because I do not want to say that I am Spanish, from a place where there seem to be political prisoners and, therefore, this is not a free place,” he explained.

The presenter was supported by Tamara Falcó, Cristina Pardo, Nuria Roca y Juan del Val. The program’s collaborators had already disagreed with Sánchez on other occasions. Without going any further, the day before, when Rubén Amón stated that, because everyone at the table agreed, people could say that “the gathering is the reflection of a group of faças that rebels against a progressive Government. But the thing is that the scandal is totally unanimous, it is also for the socialists themselves.

In this sense, the presenter himself was emphatic about the possibility of being called a “facha” for criticizing Sánchez. “I absolutely rebel against this shit of not being able to have freedom of expression, in exchange for not saying a word to you,” he said.

“Questioning Sánchez and all his measures turns you into a fascist. Well, phenomenal, but simplification is an insult to intelligence. This government is not progressive, no matter how much they say it over and over again. A government in which Bildu is there and Junts cannot be progressive,” said Juan del Val. “This gathering is a gathering with great appearances,” he joked. “Whatever you want,” Motos said.