Pablo Machín: “We have a point full of merit and hope”

Deportivo Alavés coach Pablo Machín valued the 1-1 draw against Barça as “a point full of merit” this Saturday, where they knew how to be together and in solidarity to endure the final siege of the rival, where the visiting occasions arrived.

Alavés Shield / Flag

We have made a very serious approach and we have put ourselves ahead on the scoreboard, which is not easy. When we have suffered expulsion, the team has been supportive, we had to keep closing on the inside, giving up on making efforts in attack, “he said at a press conference after matchday eight of LaLiga Santander.

“We have endured there and Pacheco has also made some stops, but we have played a very serious game, Nor beyond the last minutes, Barça has not generated so many occasions for us“, added, satisfied by the party of an Alavés that took the tie playing with one less the last half hour.

Machín celebrated the merit of tying Barça. “We have a point full of merit and hope that this is the team image that we have to have. I like to remember our fans and all of them in general, the pity is that we cannot enjoy our people and maybe we would have had the option to win as we could also lose at the end, “he said.

The idea was to be together and put one more player in the middle, and make a wear on the band players and covering their sides. Each game in a breath can change and we had to react, “he added.

“Everything that is arbitration criteria we have to assume. That the expulsion is rigorous if it is the referee's criterion, it must be assumed and the direct penalty has not seemed to me. If the VAR has not entered, it is because it has not been a manifest play, “he concluded on the controversial plays, with a penalty that Barça claimed.