Pablo Alborán’s significant post after being related to Miguel Bosé: “My self-control and me avoiding causing an unnecessary catastrophe”

Pablo Alboran responds to the notorious controversy about her alleged romance with the singer Miguel Bose. This Thursday, the Latin American magazine (TV Notes) announced that both artists could maintain a romantic relationship, since they met twelve years ago through a collaboration and, since then, they would have a good friendship. After the news was published, the Malaga singer shared a significant post on social networks.

The text on the image he posted can be read between the lines. “My self-control and me avoiding causing an unnecessary catastrophe,” it reads about the video of a gorilla scratching its face. Continuing with the trend of not commenting on his most personal side, the artist would have used that image on his networks to make his followers understand that he is not going to take a position on the aforementioned controversy.

From the morning show We’ll see They pointed out this Thursday that the aforementioned magazine (in charge of disseminating the news) lacks total credibility since, on several occasions, they have had legal problems for publishing false information about celebrities. Likewise, from the Telecinco space they assured that the media in charge of breaking the news usually invents that it interviews third parties to give this type of exclusives.

“It is a very famous magazine that talks about entertainment in general, it is the most important magazine in Mexico and it talks about famous people. In a headline they are linking Miguel Bosé with our beloved Spanish singer Pablo Alborán. Supposedly, and according to a person that magazine interviews, there would be something between the two beyond friendship,” said a reporter from We’ll see. For its part, Joaquín Pratmuch more forceful, assured: “It is not true. It seems to me that after this they are going to have another lawsuit.”