Oyarzabal prefers a Madrid without Odegaard

Oyarzabal He could play his first game as a starter on Sunday after a summer in which ten days of confinement prevented him from reaching 100% of the first league match, in Valladolid, which began on the bench. An unusual image for a footballer used to playing practically everything in the last four seasons. In Zorrilla he started the fifth season in full in the first team, after appearing to stay in October 2015.

Debut in Anoeta against him Real
Madrid It places the level of demand at the highest, no matter how much there are topics, which the Eibar rejects, that taking this type of team at the beginning of the season, when they are less traveled, is better. For Oyarzabal, “It doesn't matter” when to play against them because “you know that the theory is one but the game can turn you around”. What the captain of the Real is that he prefers that he does not play in the white team Martin
Odegaard, that until recently nothing was changed with them in Zubieta. “Seeing him would be good,” he said last night in an interview with El Larguero, accepting a reunion with the Norwegian as good, but it can only be off the pitch. And it is that the '10' of the Real is clear that the Nordic “has the quality, the capacity and the mentality to be a great
soccer player”. Since the Real
Madrid decided to get him back, Oyarzabal has only exchanged a message with Odegaard. “I wrote to him thanking him for how he has behaved, for everything he had done for us, for the club and for his performance,” the Gipuzkoan was sincerely grateful, who understands that the Norwegian “also has a beautiful memory of the year he has happened here, what he has done and what we have achieved. It has helped him to grow and gain confidence ”.

If someone is prepared for the ups and downs of football, it is the professional himself and, therefore, Oyarzabal just think about the future key. He feels that “the team has come well on vacation, with the mentality and the desire to do something nice” and values ​​the move of the Real to replace Odegaard with Silva. “That a player like Silva choose to come here speaks well of the Real. I am very excited to play with him because when I was little and he started to play soccer I would see him because I have been going to Ipurua all my life ”.

Captain Txuri Urdin is not concerned that Silva, is, for now, the only signing. “People have come from both the loaned teams and the subsidiary, who will always be high-level incorporations,” says a calm Oyarzabal who understands that success, performance, “is more of an idea, of the mentality you have. Everyone who is with us quickly realizes what the coach wants ”.