Oyarzabal does not travel with the National Team after the last PCR

Mikel Oyarzabal does not travel with the national team to Portugal and It's low for the friendly match tonight in Lisbon after receiving the last PCR results made in the concentration of Las Rozas.

The Real Sociedad forward has been non-negative, although it has highly positive IGG antibodies, so that can carry out his professional activity with absolute normality and exercise with your peers at not pose any risk of contagion. In this sense, the UEFA protocol, as happened with Adama in September, recommends not going to the stage if the PCR result is not totally negative.

In accordance with Spanish legislation for the return to football, Oyarzabal could train normally and play in official competitions, after the pertinent periods have elapsed since their first positive, remain without symptoms and have antibodies.

The footballer does not abandon the concentration and pending further tests to be part of the team in the Nations League matches against Switzerland and Ukraine.