Oviedo takes pity on Cartagena

He Real Oviedo premiered the renowned NMR Carlos Tartiere and the season with a match in which it went from more to less and in which he ended up signing a goalless draw due to the lack of success of the blues and the good work under the sticks of Marc Martínez, who tied in goal the first point for the Cartagena after his promotion.

In the first half, the local team was the only one capable of putting the rival goalkeeper in trouble and the first to do so was Arribas, who tested Marc Martínez's reflexes with a good header first and then crashing the goalkeeper's rejection against the post.

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The only approaches for Cartagena came from Carrasquilla's boots and, together with him, Verza tried to direct the game in the midfield, but Borja Jiménez's team had difficulties to leave with the ball played and much more to reach the Women's area.

Oviedo, on the other hand, forgave on numerous occasions and ended the first half in the opposite half after signing six corners and creating danger in all of them.

Obeng was about to surprise after stealing a tight assignment from Verza to Marc Martínez – a shot that was repelled by the goalkeeper – and again touched the goal in the last action of the game, on a corner kick whose header went off, adjusted to the post left of the goalkeeper.

The clearest, however, was starred by Borja Sánchez who was about to take advantage of Tejera's glove in all set pieces, but his shot crashed into the crosshead.

In another of the balls to the area put by those of Ziganda, Edgar stole a shot from Grippo when he arrived alone and with power and Delmás had to work in the rest of the set pieces to maintain the 0-0 with which he was came to rest.

After the resumption, Oviedo continued to carry the danger in attack and forgave two clear occasions, the first in an action by Javi Mier on the left that Obeng finished off in the area and Marc Martínez took out with his foot, and the second after a good combination between the Ghanaian and Viti who once again destroyed the Cartagena goalkeeper before Mier finished off in the area.

Cartagena also gave a first warning with an individual play by Nacho Gil in which the black and white player crossed from the right to the area to give Delmás an advantage, but the side's shot went wide.

As the minutes passed, and despite the fact that Oviedo continued to reach the area with danger from set pieces, it was Cartagena who felt most comfortable in three quarters and who was best suited by the changes.

Even so, those of Borja Jiménez only had one more approach to the area, in an action by William on the right that Nacho Gil converted only into a corner kick, and the tie ended up materializing due to the lack of danger from the visitors and the lack of success and the fatigue of the locals.

0 -. Real Oviedo: Femenías; Nieto, Grippo, Arribas, Mossa (Lucas, d. 79); Viti (Mujica, m. 73), Edgar (Cedric, m. 87), Tejera, Borja S. (Riki, m. 87); Javi Mier (Sangalli, d. 73) and Obeng.

0 -. FC Cartagena: Marc Martínez; Delmás, Andújar, Álex Martín, Forniés; Verza (José Ángel m. 58), Clavería; Lozano (Cordero, m. 80), Carrasquilla (Nacho Gil, m. 46), Cayarga (William, m. 69); Simón Moreno (Elady, m. 69).

Referee: Iglesias Villanueva (Galician School). He admonished Edgar (52 ') and Cedric (96') at Real Oviedo and Verza (6 '), Simón Moreno (24'), Álex Martín (40 ') and Andújar (95') at FC Cartagena.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the 1st round of the League played at the NMR Carlos Tartiere (Oviedo) behind closed doors.