Over 55 million people will watch the AFC title game between the Chiefs and the Ravens.

Over 55 million people will watch the AFC title game between the Chiefs and the Ravens.

The NFL conference championship games on Sunday were seen by a lot of people. A lot. That’s more than the 53.13 million people who watched the AFC title game between the Chiefs and the Bengals during the same period last year.

CBS Sports and FOX Sports both said that the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Baltimore Ravens as well as the San Francisco 49ers vs. Detroit Lions games, which decided who would play in Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas on February 11, had huge audiences.

Sports Media Watch says that the Chiefs’ 17-10 win got a 25.5 rating, which means that 55.47 million people watched on CBS.
That number was higher than the previous AFC title matchup record of 54.85 million viewers for the 2011 game between the New York Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

CBS says that at a single point during the game, the Chiefs-Ravens number hit 64.02 million. Since Super Bowl LVII, it is the second most-watched show on TV.

Around 22.7 million people watched the 2023 NFC title game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles, which took place in the same afternoon time slot.

56.32 million people watched the 49ers win on FOX, and they were all very interested in whether the Lions might pull off the win or whether the 49ers would complete their comeback.

SMW says that Lions-49ers was the most-watched TV show that wasn’t in the Super Bowl since the 49ers-New York Giants NFC crown game in 2012, which had 57.64 million viewers.

Many people are still watching the NFL because of the stars in the playoffs, the interesting teams and stories, and, of course, Swift’s appearance at the Chiefs game.

Nielsen says that 115.1 million people watched the Super Bowl between the Chiefs and the Eagles last year on all platforms. The rematch between the Chiefs and the 49ers in 2020 is expected to have the most viewers ever on CBS and in the NFL.

CBS says that the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore became the most-watched AFC championship game ever, with an average of more than 55 million viewers.

The game was shown on CBS and streamed on Paramount Plus. The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Ravens 17–10. Over 55 million people watched the game on average, and more than 64 million watched at its peak.

CBS Sports said that the Kansas Chiefs’ win over the Ravens of Baltimore on Sunday for the AFC Championship drew the most viewers of any AFC Championship game ever.

There are a few possible reasons for the huge turnout. One is that new football fans are hoping to see Chiefs quarterback Travis Kelce as well as his love interest Taylor Swift watching at a luxury suite in Baltimore.

Because of the relationship between Kelce and Swift, more people have been watching Chiefs games this season. For example, over 50 million individuals watched last week’s game against the Buffalo Bills.

Paramount+, the streaming service from CBS, had its most-watched live event ever again this week with two Chiefs games.

With 45.6 million viewers on average, CBS’s postseason has the most viewers it has had since it began showing playoff football on the network in 1998.

The NFL also said that an average of 38.5 million people watched the playoffs, including the Wild Card, Divisional, and Conference Championship rounds. This made it the most-watched playoffs ever, nine percent more than last year.