Osasuna – Leganés live

Min. 00We leave you now, not without reminding you before that in a few minutes Atlético de Madrid-Alavés is played. See you soon!

Min. 00Party entertained with a misleading result the one we have seen this afternoon in El Sadar. Osasuna took the points with a double from Enric Gallego, but it was Leganés who put the momentum and football, driven by the points in their agony to come out of the descent. The cucumbers tried, but again they took out a poor booty for the occasions they had. The people of Madrid have not lowered their arms despite the fact that they have gradually lost their best players due to inclement weather or injury, since in addition to losing En- Nesyri and Braithwaite in operations of dubious reputation, today they could not count on Óscar , who is in the infirmary right now. For its part, with today's points, Osasuna practically certifies its permanence with those 41 units that already appear in the table.

Min. 90End of the match in El Sadar. Both players greet each other on the pitch after Enric Gallego's final ax.

Min. 90GOOOOL! Osasuna's goal on the last play of the game. Again Enric Gallego, who headed a corner wonderfully. OSASUNA 2-1 Leganés and the game is running out of time.

Min. 90Assists Iñigo Pérez Soto

Min. 90GREAT CHANCE! Marc Cardona was 2-1, but Cuéllar saved a goal that would have been a blow.

Min. 90In the last change of the game, Aguirre gives entrance to another boy from the subsidiary like Manu Garrido and removes Roque Mesa.

Min. 90Six minutes of extra time will be played before the end of the match. Will there be goals from here to the end?

Min. 89Last change in Osasuna. Roberto Torres leaves and Kike Barja enters the match.

Min. 88Leganés is approaching the area with numerous centers in the final moments, but fails to connect a clear shot to find goal. Despite this, the people of Madrid continue trying hard.

Min. 86Javier Aguirre, coach of Leganés, has only been able to beat Osasuna at El Sadar in two of the seven times he has visited him in LaLiga (2E, 3D) and his team has remained unmarked in four of these matches. Today he still has five minutes to achieve a new victory in a stadium that he remembers so fondly.

Min. 83There are ten more minutes of the discount in Pamplona. Leganés' goal would give life to Aguirre's men and open a new horizon in the fight for permanence.

Min. 81In this round of changes, Adrián López gives up his place in the eleven to Toni Lato.

Min. 81Rubén García leaves his post to Marc Cardona.

Min. 81New change in the cucumber rows. Aguirre gives entrance to Javi Eraso and Roger Assalé leaves.

Min. 77Javier Aguirre, current coach of Leganés, is the second coach with the most directed games in the history of Osasuna (152, after Pedro Mari Zabalza 277); the one with the best winning percentage with at least 31 matches (36.8%) and the last to manage to qualify the Navarrese for Europe, reaching the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup in the 2006/2007 season.

Min. 75The only victory that Jagoba Arrasate has achieved in his six meetings against Madrid teams in LaLiga as Osasuna's coach was against Leganes, 0-1 in August 2019 (1E, 4D) and his team was unmarked in four of them. Today he has scored, but at the moment he does not win.

Min. 71PERCANCE FOR NECKLACE! The game was stopped a few minutes after Cuéllar was hurt after a collision with Enric Gallego, but the game is already resumed, with twenty minutes to go until the end.

Min. 68Kevin Rodrigues and Jonathan Silva seemed condemned to play Leganés' left-back position when the season started, but with Aguirre it is common to see them both sharing the left side, one in front and one behind. In some game, when Aguirre has a defense of five men, we have come to see the Argentine as a left-handed centerback and the former Real as a lane.

Min. 67Aguirre's movement, although it has been by players who are in the same position, will give him more experience, since Silva is a more seasoned player than Bryan. In Osasuna, the swaps seem aimed at the team gaining the solidity it has lost in these early stages of the second act.

Min. 64Let's see how both teams are arranged after the changes introduced and if that changes the script of the match again, as has happened with the swaps that were made at the break.

Min. 64Fran Mérida also leaves, leaving Jon Moncayola.

Min. 64Darko Brašanac leaves his post to Iñigo Pérez

Min. 62Javier Aguirre decides to remove Bryan Gil from the field and gives entrance to Jonathan Silva.

Min. 61Leganés continues to generate opportunities. Good counterattack originated thanks to a good move by Guerrero that Bryan Gil did not end well, but the visiting goal is chewed.

Min. 58Let's not forget that Aguirre's visit to Pamplona is special. The Mexican spent four seasons at Osasuna, in which he led the team to a Cup final and even played in European competition. That was more than a decade ago, but nobody has forgotten it in the Navarrese capital.

Min. 56The changes have taken effect in a Leganés that right now feels capable of taking more than just a draw from El Sadar. Good plays from the visitors in these first bars of the second half.

Min. 54PARADÓN DE HERRERA! Another great action from Madrid that the redhead solves by deflecting a corner. On this occasion, the author of the shot was Kevin Rodrigues.

Min. 51GOOOOOL! GOLAZO DEL LEGANÉS! Tremendous zapatazo the one that has been removed from the boots Javier Avilés, who has put a ball in the square with a distant shot. Osasuna 1-1 LEGANÉS.

Min. 51Roque Mesa Quevedo assists

Min. 49At first, it seems that the two changes of Leganés are intended to give more prominence to the right wing. In fact, Avilés just put a good cross that Guerrero has finished high.

Min. 46The second part begins in Pamplona. Leganés begins this second half with two changes in his ranks. Avilés and Rosales are the changes chosen by Aguirre to reactivate his team.

Min. 46In the second change, the sacrificed is Aitor Ruibal, who leaves to leave his post to Javier Avilés.

Min. 46Chidozie Awaziem leaves Roberto Rosales.

Min. 01The first half ends at El Sadar. Both teams have offered little in the first half hour, although Osasuna went ahead after a magnificent scissor shot by Enric Gallego. After the cooling break, the match was broken and both teams have stepped on the rival area regularly. Bryan Gil and Rubén Garcia have been the best of their respective teams in this first act. We expect new emotions for the second half. We'll be back in a few minutes!

Min. 45Second yellow of the match, this time for Chidozie Awaziem.

Min. 44Despite his recent failure against Herrera, Bryan Gil is still the best of the visitors in this first half, trying to generate something for his team every time he receives the ball in three quarters of the field. Now he has just put a good center that no one of his teammates hit to finish.

Min. 41Leganés is on the decline and has a bad streak of results, but in none of his post-pandemic games has he lost face in the match. It is a living team that still believes in its possibilities, even though it is further and further away and generates so little football.

Min. 38Stop Sergio Herrera! Good counterattack by Leganés, in which Bryan Gil was left alone, but the goal from the Navarrese left at the feet of his rival and successfully aborted the danger. 1-0 follows.

Min. 35First yellow card of the match, for Darko Brašanac for hard tackle on an opponent. That action gives a dangerous foul to Leganés in the front of the area.

Min. 32The first half hour of play is over and, after the pause for the cooling break, both teams are ready to continue with the match.

Min. 29Roger Assalé is active in break marks to get something out in a rival area, but he is very alone in attack. A connection between him and Bryan Gil is of the little that could give a joy to the cucumber hobby in the afternoon of today

Min. 26Leganés have only won one of their last nine matches in LaLiga (4E, 4D) although this victory was away, 1-2 against Villarreal on March 8, and they have conceded at least one goal in seven of those matches.

Min. 24Beyond the two Chileans, there are no more clear occasions in these first minutes of matches. It takes Leganés a world to create danger against a well-planted Osasuna, who does not risk, but does not concede either.

Min. 22The 0-1 of the first round against Leganés in Butarque was Osasuna's game in the First Division with the fewest shots he needed to win since at least the 2003/2004 season (four). It was also the first game for the rojillos after their promotion, since it was on day 1 of this season.

Min. 19ANOTHER CHILEAN! After Gallego's goal, it seems that Guerrero has wanted to emulate him and has also tried another acrobatic shot. The Leganés player's shot, however, went out.

Min. 17Leganés today has a very noticeable drop. And it is that Óscar Rodríguez has participated in the last six goals of Leganés in LaLiga (five goals and one assist), scoring the last four of the pepineros in the competition, two of them with a penalty and two others with a direct free kick.

Min. 15Osasuna has won two of the three matches against Leganés in LaLiga (1D), including the only meeting that has faced them in El Sadar (2-1 in April 2017). Today started on the right foot to improve that record …

Min. 13There were not too many things happening in the match, but Gallego has nailed the first one that Osasuna has had. It will be necessary to see how Leganés reacts to the goal, since the cucumbers are in a very critical situation.

Min. 10GOOOOOL !! Great goal by Enric Gallego. OSASUNA 1-0 Leganés. Acrobatic auction of the Catalan striker after Fran Mérida's center to put the first goal in the electronic.

Min. 10Assists Francisco Mérida Pérez

Min. 09Osasuna's season in his return among the greats has been really solvent. Away from danger throughout the season and with salvation already practically in his pocket, he now plays these matches almost as a tribute, but without lowering his competitive guard. The objective is to add as many points as possible.

Min. 07Today we see Bryan Gil as a starter starting from the right side of the cucumber attack. The talented player belongs to Sevilla. In fact, it arose from the quarry of the nervionense club. In the last window of transfers, it was decided that the best thing for the player's evolution was a loan, where Gil would have more minutes to get his start in the First Division.

Min. 04Both teams are studied in these early stages and there are still no arrivals in the area. Sun of justice that falls on El Sadar today afternoon.

Min. 01The meeting begins in El Sadar. The meeting is led by Alberola Rojas. Both sets wear their usual clothing.

Min. 00The teams are already on the pitch, ready to start competing. Let's get started right away!

Min. 00In a few moments we begin with the broadcast of this match. Stay with us!

Min. 00After confirming the loss of a capital player like Óscar Rodríguez for this match, Aguirre has been forced to invent a new tactical drawing and give ownership to young Bryan Gil. Assalé, with minutes in the last dates, will also be from the game.

Min. 00For his part, Javier Aguirre jumps onto the lawn of what was his home for years with Cuéllar – Awaziem, Siovas, Tarín, Rodrigues – Ruibal, Roque Mesa, Rubén Pérez, Bryan Gil – Assalé and Guerrero. Everything seems to be a 4-4-2.

Min. 00Few changes in the lineup of the rojillos, who present an eleven with almost all the regulars of this season. There is a desire to see the front formed by Adrián and Gallego in action.

Min. 00As for the starting eleven, the set of Jagoba Arrasate comes out with Sergio Herrera – Nacho Vidal, Aridane, Unai García, Estupiñán – Rubén García, Brasanac, Fran Mérida, Roberto Torrres – Adrián and Enric Gallego.

Min. 00Good afternoon and welcome to this Osasuna-Leganés. A game in which the Navarrese want to certify a permanence that they already almost caress in a mathematical way against a cucumber team that yearns for a victory to catch the last train to salvation.