Osasuna announces the events to celebrate the club's centenary

One of these projects that the board of directors has worked on is the creation of a museum; the first one that Osasuna will have. A permanent museum has been chosen, rather than a traveling or temporary exhibition. And, in addition, this museum will be at the heart of Osasunism, in El Sadar. For its development, a space of 310 square meters has been enabled on the ground level of the stadium, which has been generated with the reform to which the Navarrese fiefdom has been subjected. This exhibition center can be accessed from Sadar Street. The museum will be in a space attached to the official store.

Osasuna Shield / Flag

The club had also worked on the development of a series of events for the central day of the Centenary, which will take place next Saturday. However, it has had to suspend all those that could suppose a concentration of people in public spaces; as well as adapting to the celebration of the match against him Athletic behind closed doors. One of the events that will continue is the presentation of the Centennial anthem, which will take place with a live performance by Serafin Zubiri in the run-up to the match against the Biscayan team. Fans will be able to follow the presentation of “The voice of a hobby” Saturday.

On Saturday, when night falls, different parts of the Autonomous Community will be illuminated in red. Among them, the Palace of Navarra, the City Hall of Pamplona, ​​the Aqueduct of Noáin, El Cerco de Artajona or the Navarra Arena. Likewise, they have also confirmed that several provincial municipalities will join this event, lighting their town hall. It is the case of Lodosa, Larraga, Mendavia, Etxarri Aranatz or Sangüesa. The entity encourages as many localities as possible to join this initiative and has summoned its entire Business Club and sponsors to join the initiative. The Club's main sponsor, Verleal, will illuminate its headquarters in red Fustiñana.

Since the beginning of this week, too different parts of Pamplona are being themed with the colors of Osasuna. Five Centennial-themed vinyl city buses run through the streets of the city. Banners have also been installed on the Castle plaza, the place where the Club was born, and more than 40 public supports will be set up on this theme.

Osasuna will make a clear commitment to culture in the Centenary. In addition to the creation of the museum, the entity has worked on other projects that have the intention of bringing Osasuna sentiment closer to fans through culture. Right now, the official Centennial book is being developed, which will be written by one of the best scholars in the history of the Club, the journalist Felix monreal, and that will be accompanied in this project by Errea Comunicación.

The entity will also develop a children's publication by the BrandOK agency, with the aim that children know the history, the sports milestones, the emblematic players, the stadiums in which the team has played and, ultimately, the philosophy and values ​​that have remained throughout the entity's century of life.

Art will also have its place in the Rojillo Centennial. Specifically, through a sculpture. Navarrese sculptor and former rojillo player Carlos Purroy will be the author of the work “Sentimiento- Sentimendua”, which will be located at the foot of The Sadar, in Fermín Ezcurra street. The sculpture will have an approximate height of 8 meters and will be made of corten steel and stainless steel. With it, the artist intends to “reflect the feeling of Navarrese for the Club”.

On the other hand, the Club, in collaboration with the Pamplona City Council, has worked for the installation of information plates in the most relevant places of its centennial history. The city will have plaques at the former locations of the Kutz coffee, where it was the headquarters of the entity in the Castle plaza, where it stood in the stadium of San Juan and in The Sadar.

In addition, the entity has also reached an agreement with the ELEVEN so that the coupon for next Monday October 26 is in homage to the centenary of the Navarrese entity.

Before the pandemic, the board of directors had planned that two of the main events of the commemoration would be a great soccer match against an international team and a concert with a group of recognized prestige. The musical show had been planned as a start-up of the 2020/21 season, that of the entity's Centennial. However, the pandemic caused the concert to be canceled. Likewise, the efforts that the Club had advanced with a team of international relevance were stopped short in the face of the uncertainties presented by Covid-19 and its effects on the football calendar. However, the board of directors does not waive the celebration of these two events, which will resume when the health situation improves and all its members and fans can enjoy them in person.