Ortega Cano sends a heart of flowers to the grave of Rocío Jurado and destroys Ana María Aldón: “I had never done it”

Tuesday, All Saints’ Day. In the Chipiona cemetery, the tomb of Dew Sworn it is overflowing with flowers. Of course, none of her family: neither Ortega Cano, neither his brothers nor any of his children have had the detail to send them. The first has an excuse: the person in charge of taking them on his behalf was indisposed and he will take them tomorrow. It is not a bouquet or a crown, it is a heart of red roses, a detail that Ana Maria Aldon it has touched his soul.

The former greengrocer has found out from the mouth of her partner Beatriz Cortazar in Fiesta: “I just spoke with Ortega. The flowers will arrive tomorrow.” Ana María has not been able to hide her surprise: “I always sent her a bouquet, but not a heart”, she has said very seriously. “Does it hurt?” he asked. Emma Garcia. “I just want a heart that loves me,” she replied. Translation: yes, it hurts.

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A little over a week ago Aldón confirmed the definitive breakup of their marriage. This Monday, José Antonio Avilés affirmed that the couple already has a first draft of divorce in which they establish that Ana María will leave the marital home and look for one in the same neighborhood, so that her son can maintain his school and his friends. In addition, there is no compensatory pension for her, since Ortega Cano will bear all the expenses of the son they have in common. If there are no last minute changes, they will sign the draft in a few days.