Oriana accuses ‘Big Brother VIP’ of manipulating the images of her alleged abandonment: “It is very easy to upload an edited video”

Oriana Marzoli continue with the reality outside VIP Big Brother. The Venezuelan left the house in Guadalix de la Sierra this Friday after allegedly abandoning the contest. Hours later, through an Instagram statement, Marzoli “categorically denies having abandoned GH VIP 8 “. The program counterattacked with the latest images of the former contestant inside the house. For her part, Oriana assured on networks that the images do not correspond to reality.

Likewise, the already expert in realities He continued with his argument and revealed on his Instagram profile that, from Telecinco, they are going to dismantle his ‘lie’. For Oriana, her experience on the sets serves to replace silence with forceful statements towards the Zeppelin program.

“I advise those people: before speaking badly about me, let them watch the real video, let the program show the real video, in its entirety, complete. From the moment I enter the confessional until I leave to talk to the production people and then I go back to go home to rehearse the weekly test dance,” says the Venezuelan on her social networks.

Oriana went further and assured that the program had failed to comply with previously agreed rules. “Why was I talking like that? What was I really complaining about? Tell them what was asked of us contestants before entering the reality show, what rules were not being followed. In short, it is very easy to upload an edited video. I invite you to raise the real and not to take off the microphone when I go out to speak with production. I do not lie, I repeat that it has never come out of my mouth that I want to abandon the reality show/contest,” Marzoli concluded.

Now, while fighting for her truth on social networks, Oriana takes refuge in Verona with her boyfriend Daniele Dal Moro. One of his greatest wishes when he was still a contestant on the reality show.