Only two equal ounces in 37 games: Why doesn't Zidane's merry go now?



The technician, who this year has only won nine of his 17 games at the Bernabu, cannot repeat the formula with which he was in 2017.

Zidane, Wednesday, in the technical area of ​​Bernabu.

An was Real Madrid trying to digest the 10 minutes that left him on the edge of the abyss when Zinedine Zidane cleared the riddle: Toni Kroos I did not play against the City by technical decision. In his attempt to surprise Pep Guardiola, the French baffles everyone, leaving out the man who marks the pulsations of his team. Not even when he saw it decompose in the second part of his hand. Zidane, who won the League and Champions three years ago with a great management of the squad, can't find the point.

Zidane always likes to move the eleven. One fact: in 37 official matches, the French have already used 34 different lineups. Only twice has he repeated a team on two nights in a row: against Galatasaray and Legans, and in both Super Cup matches. Zidane distributes efforts trying to activate the greatest number of players (16 exceeds 1,000 minutes this course), but there is still an eleven on which the team sits. Only in the League, 23 different players have started in at least three days.

Already entered the hot stretch of the season, the French accumulates work. An has not found the ideal companion for Karim Benzema, the Bernabu is no longer a fortress and the management of the changes in the last matches has not been successful. Too many doubts four days after receiving Bara in a duel to mark the League.

Sequa of '9'

It's been two seasons since he left Cristiano Ronaldo and Madrid still has not found who complements Benzema. The Frenchman is more scorer than fame gives him, but less than what a first white sword needs. The French responded more than at the beginning of the season, but in recent weeks the tap has dried up: he has only scored two goals in the last 13 games.

The goal of Madrid depends on Benzema. He has scored 18 points and has distributed nine others. In total, he has participated in 27 of the 55 goals of his team. He is the top scorer and assistant, well above the seven goals that add up Rodrygo Y Sergio Ramos. If it fails, there is no one to take the witness.

Eden Hazard I must untangle everything. He has goal, overflow and last pass. As the scenario asks, it can be a lethal partner or free verse that breaks the monotone in which the team so often falls. The few times he had continuity he had begun to weave a very promising society on the left with Benzema and Kroos. But it is his absence it has been discovered that there was no plan B. That it was wrong to think that it was Bale, a player who has been disconnected from the club for too long (only three goals this year, none in the League for half a year), or that he was unsuspecting imagine what it will be Vinicius. The Brazilian left great actions against City, but the goal is not among its virtues. He is an extraordinary dribbler and only that makes him necessary in this Madrid without changing gears, but the lack of alternatives has placed him on a level of demand that is not his.

Errors that take their toll

That lack of fang has left more wounds as soon as the team has lost the defensive security it reached between December and January. The Royal Society gave a good account of the eleven so reckless that Zidane took in Copa del Rey, Celta took gold from defensive mistakes and the City, beyond those 10 fateful minutes, completely developed what not so long ago was a wall .

Weighs, in stumbling blocks like those, some absence of Casemiro (falt against Real), the cracks he has always left Marcelo or the field that no longer covers Luka modric. The Croatian has regained a remarkable level in recent games, but the body no longer gives it the ability to support it throughout the match. Hence, the absence of Kroos was even more surprising. Errors that have taken their toll. Arguments such as withdrawing Vinicius when he was the only one who worried the defense of the City or bet on the big nights for Bale when in the daily he was removed from the team.

The ethnicity is disturbing: of the 17 games that Real Madrid has played at Bernabu, it has only won nine. Of the last three, he has lost two and tied one. Alarm signals at the worst possible time.

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