Onion: “Cavani would be unstoppable in Atlético with Cholo”

—How did you see the match against Liverpool?

The fans have always shown that it is one of the best and with that reception they have already started winning. In football everything can happen and we will have to wait for the return.

Shield / Athletic Flag

“Do you think the fans of Atlético have a good memory of you?”

I hope and wish so. I would be happy to know that the people of Atlético do not forget me. There I lived very important things like winning a League, defeating Madrid and others.

—How did he celebrate a victory against Madrid?

I've always liked to live derbies differently. As a kid I played in any camp and I don't like losing because I consider myself a football fan.

“In passion, it looks like Simeone …”

Can be. Simeone is one of the best technicians in the world. He is very passionate and has an excellent coaching staff. He has shown that he can do many things. They know what they play.

– But the rojiblanco team does not finish accompanying the results …

I could not watch many games because of the time difference. I left a piece of my life and I always want it to go well. The results may not be happening, but it will always be a difficult team to beat.

“At Atlético I left a piece of my life and I always want it to go well”

“Do you think Cavani would have been that solution for Simeone?”

Cavani would be unstoppable at Atlético with Simeone, but I invited him to play Peñarol. I called him and he said no. Now he will continue playing in Paris. We all know how good it is.

“What does Peñarol give you?”

It is the club where I started. It is special for me to be here and I want to give everything for this shield. In a few days we start the championship and we are ready to go for all.

– How is Forlán as coach?

This is his first year and God willing will do very well. As a player he already showed how good he was and as a person he is even better. He is qualified for a winning project such as Peñarol.

“Finally, a curiosity, why do they call it the Onion?”

It was a nickname my dad had and I stayed with him. Nothing to cry