One of the Fuenlabrada players, hospitalized

One of the Fuenlabrada footballers infected by Covid-19 had to be transferred to the Quirón Clinic in A Coruña to be attended by doctors and underwent a checkup. The player was undergoing the umpteenth test when faintedmaybe product of the high fever that suffered in the previous hours. Given this situation, the doctors decided to transfer him to the hospital center, although his condition, at first, does not seem worrisome.

Since yesterday, when six more positive cases were known, lThe Fuenlabrada players are undergoing the coronavirus test in the hotel rooms in which they are confined in A Coruña.

The hospitalized player He had a bad afternoon yesterday, but at night he seemed quite recovered. However, he suffered a relapse on the morning of this Friday and it was decided to transfer him by ambulance to the hospital center to undergo further tests. The forecast is that I could return to the hotel in the afternoon.

Fuenlabrada himself confirmed the hospitalization in a statement: “Today a CF Fuenlabrada player he has felt unwell and has been transferred to the hospital in A Coruña. It is not serious and it has been decided to transfer him to the hospital as a precaution. Please, we ask the media to respect the identity of the person concerned and we ask for great caution when reporting the health of our players. “

Twelve members of the Fuenlabrada expedition who attended the game that the team was to play last Monday against Deportivo have tested positive for Covid-19 in the tests that LaLiga and the Xunta de Galicia submitted to it. Six of them were detected in the test carried out before leaving for A Coruña and another six tested positive already in the Galician city.