Omar Montes sets the networks on fire after his embarrassing performance with Ana Mena on Wizink: “A shame”

Become one of the most successful young singers with the greatest projection on the national musical scene, Anna Mena This Saturday, September 9, he filled the Wizink Center in Madrid with the most special concert of his Bellodrama Tour. The 26-year-old singer from Malaga was a guest at Omar Montes.

The performance of Isa Pi’s ex-boyfriend has been highly criticized on social networks. They have criticized him for being lazy, for acting without desire. At times he neither sang nor hid it. And when he sang, even, he did it in the parts he shouldn’t have. So much so that Ana Mena herself had to turn down the microphone during part of the song because it was not her turn to sing there. The networks have been amazed. It is not for less.

They have told him everything: “Ana Menda being everything and Omar Montes being the most absolute nothing is a bit of the music industry. Women serving and men being embarrassing. A big kiss to Abraham Mateo who will be one of the few exceptions”, “They have brought Omar Montes went to the Ana Mena concert to literally sing two verses and didn’t even know half of the lyrics. Menudo unpresentable” or “Desubicadísimo”, some wrote. It is by no means the only controversy that Omar is involved in on stage.

Ana Mena sang her greatest hits before a dedicated audience, from Light music, Las 12 o A Classic. As a guest, he also brought his great friend on stage Abraham Mateo. The two have known each other since they were little. They sang their song together I want to tell you. The Italian rapper Rocco Hunt He was the other guest of the night.