“Olivera has been naive, if they cut you, you have to leave him and it's easier for them to give you a penalty”

José Bordalas It went through the Movistar LaLiga microphones after Getafe's defeat against Real Madrid.

99% Getafe: “Yes, I think we have had a great game. At times we have suffocated Madrid in their own field. We lacked calm in the last meters to get ahead. The feeling is sad because in that specific play the game we had control and in that play we could have gotten a good result. Matías Olivera has been a bit naive and because it is possible that if they cut you, you have to leave him and it is easier for you to get a penalty than the play. “

Game improvement: “We played against Madrid. Getafe is a humble, small club. It has been doing things well. We are still a small team. It has much merit to come to Madrid's house and play from you to you. We deserved better results.”

Champions: “You have to be realistic. The Champions League is complicated and is within reach of very little. We are doing things well. I instill in them that they can be achieved by being Getafe if we believe. We are happy.”

5 days: “It will be difficult. There are teams that stopped well. They cost us. Madrid have it well and today we have verified that any team can beat you. Sunday will be difficult in Pamplona.”

Break: “We are going to play three games in six days and I think there are four games in nine days. We have to accept it but it is not what we would have liked.”