Olga García: “At the record level, Aitana Bonmatí's Ballon d'Or is better than any man's”


The Spanish forward of Dux Logroño Olga García celebrates that “women's football is growing in a very good and positive way” and warns that the Ballon d'Or won by Aitana Bonmatí “is better in terms of records” while, facing her entry In the professional world of video games, he recognizes that “it is one thing to have a good level in eSports and another in competition.”

“Aitana Bonmatí had the best possible season. In terms of records, she is better than any boy in the history of the Ballon d'Or. It is totally deserved, I hope she can achieve many more,” Olga García stressed in an interview for Europa Press after presenting her future. jump into eSports with the help of 'DUX Gaming'.

The Catalan celebrates that it is being seen that “women's football is growing in a very good and positive way.” “We have already won three Ballon d'Ors in a row with Alexia Putellas and Aitana Bonmatí, and hopefully next year there will be one from Patri Guijarro or 'Mapi' León, but from there I think we are getting the focus focus on sports,” he highlighted.

The former FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid soccer player faces a
“complicated” moment in Dux Logroño, a First RFEF Women's team that is currently in decline. “It is true that there are 20 games left, there is a lot left and if you manage to win games you are already close to the play-off and the goal of promotion to League F would be closer,” she stressed.

“On a personal level, I feel good. I am in a moment in which I have stability in every sense and that also helps me to be able to focus on the video game part, where I think it is the perfect time for me, together With Dux, let's continue growing in both sectors,” he said about his entry into eSports at a professional level.

For Dosrius (Barcelona), “women's football is growing exponentially”, as has been proven with the Spanish team's World Cup and FC Barcelona's second Champions League, so it is ready to “give the definitive leap”.

“I always say that the titles are anecdotal, but being able to have shared a locker room with the best players is what I am going to take away and that tomorrow I can say that my name appears in the highest competitions is a milestone. I think that I have always said it, I have managed to be in all the moments and in the situations,” remarked the Catalan.

The forward, who was capped 34 times, was “only” missing “the World Cup” in a career where she won three Leagues and four Queen's Cups divided between FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid and now hopes that at “the professional level of the video games” can achieve “the same thing.


This entry into eSports is a process where the player will combine playing with Dux Logroño and 'Dux Gaming', with whom she has begun to train and continue training for when Dux “considers” that she can “compete” in the video game. EAFC 24' and its next versions in the future.

“It is a path of preparing the future for what is coming, yes it is combining the professional part, where I think that my head has not yet told me to leave it, but I do want to start training so that when I want to compete at a professional level of video games is prepared and in the best conditions,” he said.

The player believes that she will start by doing “some tournament” and that the idea is that in 'EAFC 25' or 'EAFC 26', when they are “considered” by the club, she will be able to “compete with all the 'bugs'” that there are. “I have always said that I consider myself privileged with everything I have achieved at a professional level. I have been in the best teams and in the best situations. So, fortunate for that and hopefully paving the way, as we have been doing since 2017 with Dux and with eSports,” he said.

In terms of competitiveness in eSports, García warns that he is “at a very good level”, but thinks that “one thing is having a good level and the other is in competition, with all the mechanics to know how to manage any moment of the game.”

“The positive part of having played at a professional level is that you know how to manage those moments and that is important. There are those parallels that help you in real life, so from then on I train on Wednesdays, it is the time in which I also Together with the girls I have that space to be able to focus on it,” he concluded.