Olga Carmona, after Rubiales’ resignation: “We will see what happens, we colleagues have to talk”

The champion who gave victory to the Women’s Soccer Team with her goal in Australia visited this Monday The Anthill. Olga Carmona He has talked about everything: from the scandal Rubiales and his resignation until the death of his father, which he found out hours after kissing the World Cup: “I went from being at the top to being terrible.”

This is how the soccer player remembers the moment in which she was informed of her father’s death: “It was a day with many emotions, my family made the decision not to tell me anything until everything was over and as soon as I arrived at the airport everything went wrong. I don’t have words to say what I felt at that moment, they are feelings that cannot be explained with words. And she added: “I went to Madrid Río to celebrate with my teammates because I know he would have liked it. He gave me strength.”

Olga Carmona has also spoken about the Rubiales controversy: “What makes me most angry is that those events occurred on a day that was not appropriate. It is sad to achieve something historic and have it go into the background. I hope that now people will talk about that we are world champions.” Regarding her resignation, she assured: “We have to wait to see the list for the next call… Rubiales’ resignation has been very recent. We have to talk and see what happens.”

The athlete intends to continue fighting to improve the situation of women in football: “We want to continue the line of growth of women’s football, to provide the conditions for this. In this World Cup we have had them, the Federation has tipped over”. Nominated for the 2023 Ballon d’Or, she assures: “I am lucky to play for a club (Real Madrid) that is dedicated to its women’s section. From the first moment they have treated me like a professional.”