Olabe's proper names

Olabe has admitted that they wanted to bring Charles
Fernandez and let out Willian
José, although they are satisfied that he stayed at the end and around the decision not to sign a left central defender, they understood that perhaps within the club there were better elements than those who looked outside.


Olabe recognizes that the arrival of Charles
Fernandez “Would have meant” the departure of Willian
José, although he believes that even if the barter was not made “we do not understand that we are weakened, because I am not going to tell you the numbers of Willy of these years ”: In any case, both the football director and the president Jokin
Aperribay they ate with the Brazilian striker: “Willy I needed to hear from the club: ‘We want you to stay’ and the club needed to hear from Willy: ‘I want to stay.’ ”He did leave a message to‘ 9 ’in the sense that“ we need to understand the role we must have at all times ”, making him see that perhaps he will not always be the headline.

Olabe He acknowledges that there was some option to transfer him, but conditions were not optimal: “We could do an operation on our part, but we must know what the value of our players is.”


Despite the departure of Llorente and at the express request of the coach, the Real did not sign a central at the end. Olabe He explains it, meaning that despite the fact that many players are watching abroad and “from all places”, in that position I have doubts that the best is out there. I am sure that what we have in here has not given us what it can give us ”. Referred to Pacheco, whose potential is “tremendous”. And also to Sagnan: “It has undergone a process of improvement and development. He has stayed because he has individual qualities closely related to what we want. Has room for improvement in game situations. He will have the best coach to get closer to what the competition demands ”.

Another of the soccer players called to play in that demarcation is Zubeldia. “I would not say that you have to make him central, but he has exceptional qualities, we have to ensure that he gives us a very good performance based on our needs. He can play in many demarcations and one of them is central ”.


Olabe has also referred to Martin
Zubimendi: “His irruption is very good news. It helps us to be what we want to be ”. The donostiarra plays in the same area as Illarramendi: “We are super excited because Asier you'll be knocking on the door in no time. Beyond health, I see his face and how he is training. Someone in that state of mind has to be very close, ”he says.


TO Olabe He did not like that Real Madrid broke his word and did not allow Martin
Odegaard complete his second season on loan at La Real: “That happened, it caught us on the wrong foot and made us pupa”, he acknowledges. However, he welcomes that “we try to be prepared.” And that's why they signed Silva: “We are very happy with what he did Martin and what David be with us ”.

The stick towards Madrid was very much in his style: “There are values ​​and behaviors. Values ​​are ethereal and behaviors make us be one way or another ”. In any case, it reveals that “I'm not the one to say you owe me one.”