Olabe “moderately optimistic” about Odegaard's continuity

San Sebastián, May 28 (EFE) .- The director of soccer of Real Sociedad, Roberto Olabe, was “moderately optimistic” on Thursday regarding the continuation of Norwegian midfielder Martin Odegaard in Real Sociedad next season and has advocated for “leaving the footballer alone”.

Olabe held a telematic meeting with the media in which he reviewed the situation of the txuriurdin club in the weeks prior to the return of the league competition, with hopes set for qualifying for the Champions League.

On Odegaard, a player on loan from Real Madrid, who might be interested in getting him back in the summer, he was “moderately optimistic about what Martin transmits, beyond agreements or relationships between clubs.”

“My main concern is that he is calm, he can show himself how he is and he can continue to give us the same as until now. I think we have to leave him alone so that he can make his decision. I have a lot of confidence in the player, because of how he is and how he is showing himself with us, “he pointed out.

He has admitted that there is contact with Real Madrid and “they know how Martin is and what he thinks” and explained that both clubs have given themselves some time, since this is a matter that should be resolved on May 31, but the break due to the COVID-19 pandemic has changed times and “now we will have a whole life ahead of us.”

Olabe has seen his players with “brutal energy” and great enthusiasm for returning to work after confinement and has commented that “emotional management and recovery from fatigue” will be “key” in the final stretch of the season, compressed and without public in the stands.

“We are going to have to be very well prepared upside down. We are prepared, our boys want to sink their teeth into the competition,” he stressed.

The director of soccer of Real Sociedad has stated that the team assumes the “commitment” to play “for the people”, for a hobby “that has not chosen not to be” on the fields, but which until now had “accompanied” the team in its good season trajectory.

Olabe has commented that LaLiga has warned all the clubs to be cautious because the criteria are going to be modified and many of them may suffer problems to match their salary limits, a new reality in which Real is “calm”.

The football director txuriurdin has stated that, for the next season, the squad will be managed among the current 23 players, the 7 on loan and the young people who come from the subsidiary, although he has not ruled out having to go to the market if any unforeseen event occurs, at the same time that he considered “determining” for the squad configuration “knowing in what position the team finishes”.

He has assured that he “sees” in the first team, “with place and weight”, the loaned Jon Guridi and Martín Merquelanz, both at Mirandés, and has confirmed that with the second there are talks to extend his contract, which ends in 2022.

“We are trying to make him see that we want him to be part of a good team, that we want to continue to aspire to be good. Martin is good and we want him with us to aspire to win repeatedly,” he explained. EFE